You can be the talk of the town with your pretty and petite Quinceanera dress. Read on to get tips for choosing the right Quinceanera dress for the awaited ceremony.

Quinceanera Dresses

Which young lasso doesn’t wish to look classy and sophisticated on the day of her Quinceanera? The right hairstyle and make-up coupled with the right dress can make you feel like a princess. If you have been dreaming for a perfect dress for years, know that now is the time. While you might think that you know how to pick out the right dress for the ceremony, you may not realize that the style of your Quinceanera dress you select can really change the way you look. Choosing a dress that complements your body style is extremely important to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Do you wish to wear an off-shoulder dress, a sleeveless one, one with a scooped neckline or the one that has princess seams? This article stresses on tips for choosing the right Quinceanera dress. Once you go through it, you’ll find it easier to pick the right dress for your special day.
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Tips For Choosing The Quinceanera Dress
  • The first thing that you need to do is decide your dress budget ahead of time. Once you know how much you want to spend, it would be easier for you to narrow down your options of shopping places you can visit.
  • Make sure you try on several dresses and not settle on the first one. This will help you to compare both dress designs and costs, so that you can find a reasonable deal on the dress you would like to wear for your Quinceanera.
  • If you’re a short-stature girl, you’ll certainly want your dress to make you seem tall. It is advisable to avoid dresses with sheaths and those with full length skirts. Instead, go for cap sleeved dresses. Even A-line styles help your body appear elongated.
  • If you happen to own a full-figured body, you need to be extra careful while choosing your quinceanera dress. While playing up your body contours is great, for certain you would not want to draw attention on the problem areas. One of the suggested dress design for girls with such a figure is A-line type. This style will make you look slim. You can also go for an empire waist dress which will help you tactfully conceal your hips and stomach.
  • If your slightly larger buttock is giving you nightmares, do not worry. Pick a quinceanera dress with a nice, full, flowing skirt and go gorgeous. Remember not to fetch a pleated skirt though. A dress which focuses more on the torso is a great idea. Wearing a tight bodice, revealing your shoulders and back is another idea you can go for. Also, even if you go for a plunging neckline, your problem area would be the last thing that your guests would notice.
  • If large busts are what you are worried about, your best bet would be to go off-shoulders. This will keep the emphasis off your chest and you can rest assured for the day.
  • Wish to look curvy? All you have to do is pick a dress made out of a fabric that is heavy. Something like satin or velvet will serve right. Dresses with narrow sleeves, wider bodice and a waist that is gathered will make you look sexy and curvy.
  • Choosing the right color for your dress should not be overlooked. Your dress should complement your complexion, hair as well as eye color. While almost any color looks great on girls with darker complexion, darker shades can make the light complexioned ones look washed out. Do not wear colors that contrast the color of your eyes. If your hair color is medium brown, go for soft reds, blues and green colored dresses. Dark brown or almost black hair goes well with dark colors or muted tones.
  • When you’re shopping for your Quinceanera dress, do not forget to purchase the accessories along with it. You need the right pair of footwear, undergarments as well as a clutch or handbag. However, pick the dress first. And make sure your accessories go well with your dress. A slight mismatch can ruin your entire look.

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