The benefits of prune juice are innumerable. Navigate through this piece to learn about the different benefits of prune juice.

Prune Juice Benefits

Prunes are the dried versions of European plums, and are also known as ‘dried plums’.  A prune is sweet to taste and has a sticky chewy texture to it. Prune juice is extracted from dried plums, after the fruit is rehydrated with water. The juice is deep purple in color and is rich in mineral and vitamin contents. The fruit has been known since long for its immense health benefits. Prune juice is particularly good for improving the digestive system, plus the rich antioxidant content in it also helps reduce the different signs of aging. Vitamin A is present in a large amount in prune juice, and this in turn helps keep cholesterol at bay. In addition to all these benefits, prune juice is also known to boost the overall immune system of the body. Daily consumption of prune juice not only helps the colon to remain clean, but also facilitates regular bowel movements. To know more about the different health benefits of prune juice, read on.

Health Benefits Of Prune Juice
  • Prune juice has a high content of beta carotene, a form of vitamin A. Beta carotene is known to be a free radical buster. It prevents blockages in the arteries, reduces the risk of heart disease, and can even prevent cancer.
  • Prune juice is rich in antioxidants, especially phenol which helps keep free radicals at bay, thus reducing the signs of aging.
  • Prune juice is a natural laxative containing 'dihydrophenylisatin' which assists regular bowel movements.
  • Prune juice is rich in dietary fibers which helps people suffering from constipation. The fibers promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, thus eliminating harmful bacteria and regularizing normal bowel movements.
  • The high quantity of potassium that is present in prune juice helps keep the heart rate normal, thus minimizing the risk of heart disease.
  • Phenol compounds that are present in prune juice help prevent the risk of cancer.
  • Prune juice regularizes appetite. So if taken regularly in limited amounts, prune juice can be helpful for weight reduction, as it keeps your stomach full. In this way you won’t fall into the temptation of munching on junk foods that are loaded with calories. Therefore, it is often recommended by dieticians for weight management. The juice is high in potassium and vitamin B6 content with no cholesterol.
  • Prune juice is very effective in treating Type 2 diabetes. This is because of its sugar controlling property. It can keep a check on the blood sugar level by retarding the rate of sugar released into the blood.
  • Prune juice is a natural remedy for constipation in babies and can be safely given to babies who are at least 6 weeks old. 
A Few Tips
  • To get the maximum benefit, prune juice should always be consumed in its natural form. Artificially sweetened prune juice does not offer the full benefits as that of natural prune juice.
  • When buying packaged prune juice from stores, be sure to check the label for sugar and preservative content. Alternatively, you can make your natural prune juice at home. To make your own additive free prune juice, simmer five parts of filtered water to one part of dried plums for about three to four hours. Remove pits, if any. Strain the mixture and enjoy your homemade prune juice. 
  • If you have decided to consume prune juice for the first time, consume it in moderation as the body might need time to adjust to it. Over drinking of prune juice may lead to several digestive problems.

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