Available throughout the year, cane juice is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. To know more about the health benefits of cane juice, go through this article.

Benefits Of Cane Juice

The history of cane juice dates back to about thousands of years ago, running parallel to the history of sugar. Talking about its content, evaporated cane juice is chemically made up of a combination of sugars such as fructose, glucose and sucrose. It is less processed than white sugar, making it a healthier counterpart. Unlike refined sugar, cane juice does not undergo the same degree of processing, which is why it retains more nutrients that are found in sugarcane. The juice is available in variety of forms, texture and flavor. However, despite their variety of forms, the characteristics of the juice remain the same.  To get detailed information about the health benefits of sugarcane juice and cooking tips, read through the following lines.
Health Benefits Of Cane Juice 
  • One of the most important health benefits of drinking cane juice is that it serves as a great preventive and healing source for sore throat, cold and flu.
  • For those who are exposed to long duration of heat or indulge in lot of physical activity, drinking sugar cane juice is extremely beneficial. This is mainly because the drink hydrates the body quickly.
  • Since sugarcane juice does not contain any kind of simple sugars, people diagnosed with diabetes can also consume it, without any kind of fear or apprehension.
  • The alkaline nature of cane juice has made this sweet drink as a healthy way to fight cancer. As per studies conducted, the juice has positive activity against prostate and breast cancer cells.
  • Sugar cane juice is excellent substitute for aerated drinks and artificial sweeteners. The drink is extremely healthy and also diminishes chances of people getting infected with problem of diabetes.
  • The low glycemic index and presence of carbohydrates makes sugar cane juice a refreshing and energizing drink.
  • Liberal intake of sugarcane juice provides the body with protein and other food elements which in turn is helpful when a person is infected with febrile disorders which causes fever where there is a great amount of protein loss.
  • Sugarcane juice is a vital drink for those with kidney problems. It keeps the urinary flow clear, thereby helping the kidneys to perform their functions smoothly. Apart from this, sugarcane is also found beneficial in strengthening the stomach, heart, eyes brain and sex organs.
  • People suffering from micturation due to high acidity, genorrhoea, enlarged prostate, cyctitis and nepthritis can find solace in sugarcane juice. It is extremely good for their health. The drink can be mixed with lime juice, ginger juice and coconut water to get the best results.
  • Those affected with jaundice should drink sugar cane juice regularly. It hastens the recovery.  However, make sure that the juice is clean.
  • Problems of thinness can be best dealt with by drinking sugarcane juice. Regular drinking of the juice can bring about a rapid gain in weight. 
Cooking Tips
  • Cane juice, when mixed with mint leaves, lime and water, would result in a non-alcoholic version of a mojito, the popular Cuban drink.
  • Cane juice can be used instead of refined sugar for baking purpose.
  • Sprinkling cane juice on top of a sliced grapefruit and broil can bring out a nice flavor.

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