Parenting a child with Down syndrome is not an easy task. For raising children with Down's syndrome, parents need to provide the right combination of compassion and care. Let's know more.

Parenting A Child With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality, which is mainly caused by the presence of an extra copy of genetic material in the 21st chromosome of the baby. Children born with this syndrome display some abnormalities, mainly due to their chromosomal disorder. The disorder manifests itself not only in the form of physical abnormalities, but also through varying degrees of mental retardation, esophageal complications, congenital heart defects and gastro-intestinal anomalies. Majority of the people are of the notion that a child suffering from Down syndrome will not be able to lead an accomplished life. However, there have been several cases in this world, which give an entirely different picture. It has been seen that children with Down's syndrome, if raised with utmost care and patience, can actually become highly accomplished individuals. With the right attitude and right care, parents can help their children enjoy a fulfilling life. Parenting a child with Down syndrome, though not an easy task, can prove effective with the right amount of determination and commitment. We have listed some tips to help all such parents out there.
Raising Children With Down Syndrome
Do Not Consider Them A Liability
Though children suffering from Down syndrome grow at a slow pace, they should not be considered a liability. Infact, the pace of their growth and development depends on their parents. The parents should understand the emotions and difficulties that such a child faces and help him/ her overcome it. They have to become the strength of their child and lead him/her to success.
Bring Out Their Talents
It is the job of the parents to bring out the talents, abilities and strengths of their child into limelight. They should resort to all those means that will help nurture the abilities and talents of such a child. Bringing out the best in children with Down's syndrome will motivate them to work harder. Identifying their capabilities and developing them, to fetch positive results, is something that only parents can do.
Diet & Yoga
Proper diet and care can work wonders with the kids affected by Down's syndrome. Supplementing the diet of such children with anti-oxidants will greatly improve their health. The parents can also provide them some training in Yoga, which will, in turn, give them a lot of health benefits. Yoga can especially help in normalizing the breathing patterns of children with Down's syndrome.
Take Part In Awareness Programs
The parents should take part in awareness programs on a regular basis. They should be aware of the various developments taking place in the field Down syndrome. These programs will also help them gather information about parenting tips for their children. At the same time, they will be able to share their experiences with other similar parents, opening new vistas in the matter of parenting a child with Down syndrome.

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