Increasing your children's creativity is a task that seems to be more difficult than it is. With the easy tips given here, you will know how to increase creativity in your child.

How To Increase Creativity In Your Child

Being a parent is a euphoric moment. Nothing can beat the joyous moment when you actually hold the little angel in your hands. You can look at your children forever and feel proud every time they do a new thing. However, being a parent means being responsible and making your child capable enough to live his life successfully. And to successfully live a life, he/she needs to be creative. No matter what your children do, they would need to be creative to keep ahead in this competitive world. Here are some tips to help you know how to increase your creativity in your child.
Tips For Increasing Your Children's Creativity
Encourage Them To Question
Children are curious and they ask many questions, with some capable of even baffling you. Make sure never to curb this habit. Rather, encourage them to ask questions. Curiosities are major step towards creativity. So, try to feed it as much as possible. But, do make sure that you don’t get political or dead serious in answering the questions. Provide open-ended answers and always be game with them. If you don’t know the answer, instead of directly saying no, tell them that it was a wonderful question and both of you should search for its answer.
Spend Time With Them
The modern life does not give people much time to spend with their children. So, you should try to make do with what little time you have. While your children are small, try to concentrate on them more than your career. You can even request your organization to give a schedule that allows you to spend more time with your children. The more time you spend with them, the more you will able to kindle their curiosity and creativity.
Play With Them
Play with your children like a child and not like an adult. Playing with them will help you bond with them. Persuade your spouse to be a part of the game as well. Incorporate creative games and imaginary plays in the time spent with your kids. According to a recent research, those children whose parents spent more time with them became more creative. Sing and dance with them and you will find your children more creative in a few years.
Talk To Them
Talking to your children is very important to maintain a good rapport and communication with them. Although most people do talk to their children, it is generally in the form of instructions, rather than a conversation. Talk to kids like an adult, listen to what they have to say and give them advice if they want it, but don’t impose anything on them.
Give Them Decision Power
Make kids the master, at times. We always want to decide for our children, as we believe that we know the best for them. However, we cannot decide for them all our life, can we? So it is better that you cultivate the habit of making decisions in your kids right from childhood, to make them self-dependent and creative. Although the absolute power should be with you, let them give a vote on what they want. If it’s reasonable, comply with it.
Provide Encounter With Nature
Take your kids for morning or evening walks. Involve them in gardening with you and make them learn about different plants. Encourage them to help the stray animals and take them to zoos and parks on a regular basis. All this will help your child learn how to appreciate and love nature.
Read To Them
When you read to your children, they start imagining the story. The more you read to them, the more creative they would become. Remember the movie “Bed Time Stories”! Although you wouldn’t want yourself in place of Adam Sandler, it is always a good thing that your child becomes creative.
Give Coloring Books & Toys
Give your kids toys that can be transformed into different shapes, like a colorful clay toy, and introduce them to color books from their childhood. It’s not necessary that they learn to be a painter. It’s just to develop their imagination and thus, enhance their creativity.
Emphasize Process Rather Than Product
Encourage kids to make their own projects for school and don’t emphasize on making it perfectly. The most important thing is that your child learns to work on his/her own and uses creativity. A perfectly finished project is not necessary for that. Praise your kids if they make something by themselves, even if it is not that great and always encourage them to think creatively.

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