One should dip the brush in his soul, and paint his own essence on the bedroom walls. Read the article given below for some creative painting ideas for bedrooms.

Painting Ideas For Bedrooms

The bedroom is the only room in the house meant exclusively for you. It’s the perfect place to show your personal style and attitude, be it spunky or elegant. Redo your bedroom with an extraordinary painting style that fits your personality. Painting styles range from complex, Lazure-style finishes to simple spray painting or plain multiple colors. Thus there are lots of things to consider when choosing a painting style for your bedroom. A little bit of creativity will have an incredible effect on your bedroom. So think out of the box. Whether you want to sleep on a relaxing beach or want to be surrounded by planets and galaxies, there are ways to make every bedroom a dream come true! Take your time selecting the methods and colors you want to use since choosing the right paint color can be overwhelming especially since there are varieties of options to choose from. You can easily turn your bedroom into one of your fantasies by following a few ideas listed below.
Unique Painting Ideas For Bedroom
  • Give your bedroom a cozy feeling by painting it with warm colors like rich brown, dark orange or gold. It will enhance open spaces and for extra drama, paint your ceiling with one shade lighter than your wall color. These colors look great with dark woods like mahogany and rich fabrics.
  • If you want to go for a bold look then color your bedroom in dark reds or bright scarlet. Bring in black and white pillows with all white matelasse coverlets. Another bold color that works really well is lime green with ocean blue or white pillow covers and curtains and carpet. To make it more appealing, accessorise the bedroom in cream or black.
  • If you are not a big fan of experiments then you should go for neutral colors like creams and whites, grays and pale blues and earth colors like sand. If you think neutral is dull and bland then bring in some color like raspberry and turquoise for pillows, sheets and curtains.
  • To give a more chic look to your bedroom, go for stencils and stamps. It’s a great interior design technique. It comes in a wide range of styles from traditional art to abstract designs to images like scrolls, medallions, flowers and many more. You could highlight the stationary items of the room such as light switches, windows and closets.
  • Bedroom with stripes on the walls looks very stylish. To create this trendy effect, select a shade of color and buy it in both flat and semi-gloss varieties. Paint the room with that color and let it dry. Put a painter’s tape vertically every few inches and apply semi-gloss paint. Once you remove the tape, you will have a sophisticated striped wall. 
  • If you want to have a unique look then color blocking technique is perfect for you. It is the same technique as “Stripes” but the only thing different is that instead of stripes, you cover different shapes such as triangles, diamonds, circles, etc with painter’s tape. For example, a dark blue shaded wall would do well with lime green and light red blocks. Or a brighter wall with darker blocks. Before trying this technique make sure you try almost all possible color combinations before executing your final decision. To give it an even different look, paint only your ceiling with this style leaving your walls with a matching color.
  • Glow in the dark paint can give a nice artistic edge to your room. It can be applied over the basic room paint. During daytime your bedroom will look normal but at night it will come alive. These paints can be used to complement themed bedrooms such as with a space theme. The room can be coated in dark paint, letting the planets and stars glow all night long. These paints can be used however you want. The sky is literally the limit!
  • Lazure is a complicated, elegant style. Normally, this style is accomplished as a group project. Using a thin mixture of water, pigment and binder, the paint becomes a light wash like a watercolor paint. On a white background, various colors are layered to provide a translucent effect that changes colors and shades under different lighting. Blues often become green while reds fade to orange. This calming paint style is perfect for a smooth but fascinating wall color.
  • Murals are another elegant, peppy style. Comparatively, it is less challenging. It can be done by using a combination of brushes and stamps, creating a beautiful forest image or a beachscape. Forests can be created using a combination of blue and green background and a variety of greens and yellows for grasses and trees. Butterflies, flowers, insects, a cottage, lake and other embellishments can be created with stencils and stamps or by pasting different cutouts on the walls.
  • A beachscape can be easily created using different shades of blues for the ocean and browns for sand. Start by painting half or more of the wall with a light blue color for the sky, depending on the area you want to keep as the ocean. Then paint the rest of the area with different shades of browns and make it look like sand. A beach chair and table, crabs, coconut trees, etc can be added using stencils or stamps as a guide.   
Bedrooms are personal and private rooms. So take your own time in selecting the right color and style. Furniture and lighting are important factors that you should keep in mind while painting the bedroom. Give a warm, cozy feeling to your bedroom and we assure you that every night you will sleep like a baby.

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