Outer space activities for preschoolers help the little ones learn many things about the celestial bodies. Check out some fun and creative outer space activity ideas for toddlers, with this article.

Outer Space Activities For Preschoolers

Teaching the preschoolers about the celestial bodies can be a lot of fun. Through fun and interesting activities, you can not only make them learn about the universe, including their own solar system, but also give them a chance to show their talents in singing, drawing, craft making and other activities. Moreover, by doing this, you can help them learn basic mathematical calculations as well. If you are looking for some fun ideas regarding outer space activities for preschoolers, check out the following lines.
Outer Space Activity Ideas For Toddlers
Since the preschoolers are too young to learn the names and spellings of the planets, you need to teach them in a very interesting and easy way. Make use of the sentence, 'My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nice Pudding'. In the sentence, the first letter of each word represents the nine planets, in sequential order. This way, the children will remember the sentence as well as the name of the planets very easily.
Although the toddlers will find it difficult to do mathematical calculations, you can always teach them how to count. Help them learn numbers from the sequence of the planets. To make the learning process easier for the little ones, write down the numbers, 1 to 9, on their notebook. Now, draw the corresponding planet with each number and let them learn.
Another fun outer space activity for preschoolers is drawing. Ask them to draw stars, Sun, planets and moon, on sheets of paper. Show the appropriate colors for each celestial body. It will be a good chance for the toddlers to showcase their artistic skills. This way, you will get to know what the little ones feel about the 'world' outside their world. Through this activity, you can explain them that the Sun is yellow, Earth is blue, Mars is Red and the Moon is white.
Story Telling
Since aliens are featured in many science fiction movies, the kids might come up with questions about the creatures - how do they look or communicate, what do they eat, and so on. To clear all the conceptions about the fictitious character, arrange a story telling session. You may fabricate fictitious short stories and narrate them to the enthusiastic toddlers, in an interesting way.
Craft Making
You can teach them how to make beautiful crafts, based on the other space theme. Moon craters can be made with the help of Plaster of Paris, paint and bubble wrap. Using glow in the dark paint, paint brushes, newspaper and pebbles, you can help the children make moon rocks. Another fun outer space theme craft for preschoolers will comprise of making mini telescope out of a paper roll. You can find many similar crafts on the internet.

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