Planning to invite all your kids’ friends for your child’s birthday party? If yes, here are some kid’s birthday games that you can organize to entertain the kids.

Kids Birthday Games

Is your kid disappointed with the conventional way of celebrating his or her birthday party? If yes, then bring a few small changes in your plans. Instead of organizing an everyday birthday party, why not try something unusual this time. One of the best ways by which you can ensure that the kids can have a blast is by arranging some cool birthday party games. Apart from the music, dance, gifts, balloons, and screamers, the best way to keep your kids, friends and the guests entertained is by indulging them with a lot of fun activities. You can plan exciting games such as treasure hunts, pin it up games and so on. Planning such fun games and activities is no hard task as you always have the internet to get information from. If you want to know how to amuse your kids in the best possible way, read the sections that follow.

Birthday Games For Kids

Pin The Tail Game
Pin the tail is an outdoor game. Before the party draw a picture or cut the figure of an animal. Cut the tail of the animal and keep it away from the cut out. Place the cut out animal figure on the wall. Now blindfold the participants and ask the player to fix the tail in its rightful position. The maximum time limit for each player in this game is 4 to 5 minutes.

Back To Back Balloon Pop
This is a very simple indoor game. For this game you need two teams. Make each of the players in each of the teams stand in a line back to back, with a balloon held between their backs. The players are supposed to press the balloon together, trying to burst the balloon with the help of their backs. The first team to burst the balloon will win the game. There, however, is no time limit for this game.

Duck, Duck…Goose
This game is an outdoor game and it is full of fun. Ask the kids to form a circle and sit down. The kids sitting down are the ducks. Now, pick any one kid from the group to be the fox. The fox slowly walks around the circle, gently taps a players head saying ‘duck’ each time he or she taps a different players head. After a while the fox selects the goose by tapping the players head, and says ‘goose’. The goose quickly jumps up and chases the fox around the circle, trying to tag him before he can get to the spot where the he or she was just sitting. If the fox succeeds, then the goose becomes the fox.

Water relay
The water relay is an outdoor water game. Kids love to play in water a lot, so get ready to get wet. For this game, split the children into two or more teams. Set buckets of water on one side of the race path with a sponge in the bucket. Place a jug at the opposite end of the race course. The main aim of this game is to get the children to fill the jug with water with the help of the sponge. The team which fills the jug first wins the game hands down. The first player of each team soaks the sponge with water then runs to the jug squeezes the water into it, then run back to pass the sponge to the next player in the team. This process continues till the jug is full.

Catch The Balloon
Catch the balloon is an indoor game. Before the game starts the elders should blow the balloons. After blowing, ask the players to sit in a circle on the floor and give each player a number. Put the highest number in the center to act as an “it”. ‘It’ holds the balloon and calls out a number; the holder of that number should catch the balloon before it touches the floor. If the player misses the balloon and if the balloon touches the floor, then that player is ‘it’.

These are but a few simple, indoor and outdoor games that would cheer the kids at the birthday party. You can, however, feel free to come up with out of the ordinary and novel kids’ birthday games of your own.

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