If you want a smart face then the fat stored around the jaw needs to be eradicated immediately! Read on for some jawline exercises for that perfect jaw!

Jawline Exercises

Don’t believe that facial exercises can help you reduce fat? It is time to reassess those facts and believe the wonders of facial exercises! Incorporating a daily workout regime will surely enhance your facial features and make them more pronounced. The facial structure is made up of 63 muscles and the easiest one to tone is the jawline – others being the chin, cheekbones and eye bags. Flab around the jawline can occur due to genetic reasons, overeating and even stress. It is not a single exercise that can help you lose the fat around the jaw. A series of some very simple and basic exercises can do the trick. Merely exercising without eating right will take you nowhere. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Cheryl Cole have perfectly chiseled jawlines (thanks to the ‘good” genes!). If you want to sport a perfectly cropped jawline suited to your face type, then read ahead and learn about the exercises that can help you get just that!

Jaw Exercises

  • Rest your hand on your neck in a place right below the jawline. This is done so that you can feel your muscles working! Open your mouth and keep it open throughout the exercise. Make a frown with the ends of your mouth. This way you can feel your jawline getting its workout due.
  • Put your tongue behind your upper teeth and push hard against the teeth. Put a ball (that is soft) under your chin and keep pushing it upwards. Count till about 3 and release. A small amount of pressure is enough for this exercise. Do 10 reps every day.
  • Another effective exercise can be done by sitting on a chair – keep your back straight and look ahead. Bend your head so that your jaw touches the beginning of your chest. Don’t move anything but your head. Hold this position for about 5 sec and return back to normal position. Do about 20 reps.
  • Stair climbing is another surprising addition to the list. By climbing and keeping your head lifted and away from your body at all points, removes the fat from all parts including the jawline. The only thing you have to remember is not to hang on to the handles/railings at all for support.
  • Look up at the ceiling and keep your head tilted. Cover your upper lip with your lower lip and try smiling with the lower lip. This way the corners of your mouth stretch up till the ear (target!). Hold for about 5sec and return to the starting position. Relax the face and continue doing it about 5 times. This exercise is known to show results in one week, if done properly!
  • Another workout for your jawline could be to put three fingers under your lips and pull and push the lip into your mouth. This stretches the jaw and chin and hence helps reduce the fat. Do about 10 sets of reps for a firm muscle. This is an easy exercise and can be done while you are sitting anywhere.
  • The following exercise is a good one for getting some considerable sleep and helps in tightening your jawline. Sit in front of a mirror with your back and head absolutely straight. Look forward and clench your teeth as tightly as possible. Try and smile in this position – making your cheek muscles work out! Do about 10 reps of 2 each.
  • The last and best exercise for a strong jawline is chewing of gum. Since you like it and it can be done anywhere, there is no harm in trying if this method actually helps you!

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