Wearing a bustier can give you that ultra feminine look you are aspiring for, if you know the proper way of donning it. Read this article to know how to wear a bustier properly.

How To Wear A Bustier

There are certain dresses which if not worn properly, give a disastrous look. Bustier is one amongst them. Though, the garment is meant to hide the flaws of a bulging tummy and flabby waist line, it can give you a very shabby look if you do not wear the one that suits your size and body shape. However, if worn properly, a bustier can enhance your beauty, by hiding all your lower torso flaws, along with enhancing the looks of your bust. In case you need any help in wearing the piece of garment, we are here to your rescue. Go through the following liners and know how to wear a bustier.
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Wearing A Bustier
Getting The Right Size
While buying a bustier, never ever forget to choose the right cup size. If the cup size doesn't fit well, the bustier will not be able to give you the look you are aspiring for. The rest of the size can be adjusted in accordance with your body, but the cup size should be proper and well fitted. So, it doesn't matter how much you like a particular bustier, do not buy it until it has the perfect cup size.
Selecting The Fabric & Design
While buying a bustier, remember not go after low-priced options, with cheap fabric. Always make sure you buy a bustier with good quality fabric, because it will come in direct contact with your skin. Remember, an ideal bustier is always strapless. Though removable, off-the-shoulder, spaghetti and other kinds of bustier are available; always prefer buying a strapless one.
Checking Suitability To Body Type
Before choosing a bustier, make sure you do not over-expect from the garment. Though a bustier can do a little flaw-hiding activity, it is not going to do miracles. It simply prevents unattractive sections of fat from tipping over at the waist or hip line. If you are a little flabby around the waist area, buy a longer bustier. For slim and trim girls, the shorter style will do.
Ensuring Comfort Factor
Traditionally, a bustier has its closure at the back, through laces, threads or zips. Though it helps in giving a right fit, it becomes a tedious task if you have to do it yourself. To avoid this problem, you can choose a bustier with front closures. It will be easy to handle on your own.
Wearing It
Bustier is a multi-purpose dress. You can wear it in many ways. Some of the popular ways have been given below. 
  • Primarily, a bustier is used as an undergarment to flatten your stomach line, under a well fitting dress or as a support under a strapless gown.
  • You can also wear a bustier as a t-shirt, along with a pair of jeans or a short skirt, for a chic look.
  • You can mix and match a bustier with stockings and a shrug, wrap or cardigan, to exhibit a modest look.
  • A bustier can also be worn as lingerie, beneath a transparent shirt. 
To complement your look, it is very important to choose right accessories over a bustier. As it gives you a very feminine look, you need to stylize yourself with womanly jewels. Opt for a bold and highlighted neck piece, but make sure it is not wild and junk. Add matching garter belts, high end stockings, elbow length gloves, high heels and a feather boa, to complete the look.

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