You want to wax your car but are unaware of the right wary to do the task. This article, a guide to waxing a car, offers simple car waxing tips.

How To Wax A Car

You take your car to professional detailers to get waxed. You need not, friend! You could save your hard-earned money by doing yourself a relatively easy job like cleaning and waxing a car in your leisure time. It would not take more than an hour to wax a whole car.
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Why Waxing?
The finish on your car, from the primer through the top coat, is just .004 to .006 of an inch thick.  It is inevitable that the coating would deteriorate and become dull with time.  Rain, winds, salt, pollution, insect fluids and bird droppings damage the car's finish.  Waxing acts as a barrier between the car finish and the degrading factors.
Waxing a Car
Purchase Wax Container Carefully
Inquire about wax container carefully before purchasing it. Make sure it is the right product for you. Different types of car waxes are available in the market and it is your task to choose the right one for your car. At least never buy an abrasive one.
Take Assistance if Needed
You have recently purchased a car and are not sure which wax container would click for you. Take the help of sales clerk in the auto parts store. Tell him or her about your car model and he could suggest a suitable wax container for you. However, be careful that the person you ask is an experienced one.
Follow the Instructions
Instructions for using the product properly are given on every wax container. Read the directions carefully and take care not to skip any part of these instructions. Even if you have used the product before, the exercise would refresh your memory.
Find a Shady Place
Never wax the car under the sun otherwise the heat would bake the wax and your job would become daunting. You better find out a shady place for your vehicle to do the job. Your garage could be right place, if you have one!
Wash Your Car
Wash you car before waxing it. Ensure it has been dried thoroughly before you start waxing.
Apply Wax in Circular Motion
Put a bit of wax on your sponge. Then apply it to your car in a small, circular motion. Avoid getting the wax into the seams of your car for you would find it difficult to remove it. If you are using liquid wax, shake the bottle well before use. Refrain from touching surfaces like black window trim, rubber door seals and black matte plastic, for the wax would leave stains there.
Removing Car Stains
If any stain remains on your car despite washing, apply some wax there and rub until the spot is gone.
Wax Fast
Leaving the wax on the car for too long would make it difficult to remove. It could even damage your car paint. So you better not put the wax on your car and leave for snacks or coffee.
Removing Wax
Always use soft cloth for removing wax. Start removing the wax from where you started putting it. You will need to put some pressure on the car to remove all the wax. After you have put off all the wax, take a clean cloth and wipe it over the entire car surface. You could also use window spray cleaner. You are done with waxing now.
Wax Regularly
Wax your vehicle regularly. Wax helps the car to look shiny, protects the paint, minimizes harm from chemicals and protects the paint from fading. For maintaining the protective coat of the car, apply wax periodically. Ideally, you should wax once in three months.

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