Inflating your car tires is not as difficult as you think. Check out these step-by-step instructions to know how to inflate your car tyres.

Inflating Car Tires

As much as you would want your car to shine as brand new, there are many other things that require as much attention as the looks. Other than the engine, an important part of the car is its tires. Many people tend to overlook the quality of the tire and are not particular about getting it filled with air regularly. Too less air in the tires can actually affect the vehicle’s performance and may even affect the mileage. Thus, you need to make sure that the tires are re-filled with air every month since they lose a considerable amount of air every month. It is recommended that you check your car tire air pressure every time you go to the gas station. Here’s how to inflate your car tires.
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  • The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that your car tire should be cold. It should not have run for more than 2 miles prior to filling air. This is because when you check the air pressure in your tire, it will show accurate readings only when the tires are cold.
  • Gas stations have air pressure gauges and pressurized air fillers at the outermost corner. Park your car in way that the hose is easily reachable to all tires.
  • Take a reading of the tires. Some cars have same pressure for all tires while some have different pressures for the front and rear wheels. So, it is better if you know the pressure for your car model.
  • Take off the valve cap and keep it safely. Press the gauge of the pressurized air tube against the valve and hold it firm. In case you hear a loud hissing, the air is escaping, so press down harder.
  • You need to press the air pump hose firmly on the valve and squeeze the lever at the end of the hose. Check the air pressure at the meter reading and add or let go air as the reading shows.
  • Replace the valve cap and make sure you have covered it securely. Remember, too much air in a tire may cause it to burst and too less may cause it to wear out too soon. Effective amount of air in the car tires is very essential to ensure that the vehicle travels longer distances and stays fine.

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