It is very important to use the correct tips while cleaning your lingerie, since they are made of delicate fabrics. Go through this article and know how to wash lingerie.

How To Wash Lingerie

 “If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” This rhetorical question cum statement says a lot about the popularity of lingerie. Just ask yourself, have you ever stopped after buying only one pair of these chic satins, cottons and silks. Lingerie not only gives the inner parts comfort and support, but also ups the sex appeal of a woman and boosts her confidence. Gone are the days when lingerie was considered unmentionable and even a peek at them was enough to stir up scandals. Today, the lingerie business is of millions of dollars. Apart from different kind of fabrics, varied designs are also available in lingerie today. Today, a bra can cost you (anywhere) from $1 to more than $1000. In fact, on an average, a woman spends at least $500 a year on lingerie shopping. When the expense is so much, you need to take care of your innerwear as well, especially while cleaning them. Go through the following lines and find useful tips on how to wash lingerie.
Tips To Clean Your Lingerie
  • If you want to wash your lingerie in washing machine, put them in a laundry bag first. Turn the washer to a warm gentle cycle and add a very mild washing powder. After you have washed it, carefully unzip the bag and remove the lingerie from it. Lay them between folds of a towel and press out excess water. Instead of using a dryer, hang the lingerie outside, in partial shade, to dry.
  • If you are hand-washing your lingerie, use lukewarm water or cold water. Never, in any case,manhandle the innerwear. Put your lingerie in a bucket with lukewarm water, containing gentle soap powder. Now let them soak for twenty minutes and then gently rub the fabric together, to soften it and remove the dirt. After you have washed them, lay the lingerie flat or hang them, to dry.
  • Wash your lingerie after every wear. Sort your lingerie according to their colors and wash them separately, to stop them from getting stained by the dark-colored ones. In addition, if you have time, hand-wash your lingerie, rather than cleaning them in a washing machine, as the fabric can get ruined after prolonged washing in a machine.
  • Make sure that you don’t wash your lingerie with other clothes. Always wash them separately, to extend their life and keep them in good shape. Never ever iron your lingerie, as the fabric is sure to get ruined.
  • Never use bleach for washing your lingerie. Also, don’t expose them to dryer heat and don’t wring them dry as well. All these methods can damage the lingerie, cause shrinking, reduce elasticity, and even can make the fabric fragile.
  • Before cleaning the lingerie, read the tag carefully, to know how to care for it properly. If made of silk and satin, send the lingerie for dry cleaning. However, if you want to wash your silk or satin undergarments in your home, always use cold water. Add a mild detergent and soak them for twenty minutes. Thereafter, line-dry them, in mild sun.  
  • If your daily wear comprises of cotton lingerie, wash them properly, as cottons are very difficult to maintain. If mistreated, they lose shape, fade out, and get completely distorted. Use lukewarm water and dry in mild sun. Some specialists also suggest low ironing, when the cotton lingerie is damp, to straighten out the wrinkles and soften the garment. However, do it only when you are absolutely sure that the fabric would be able to tolerate it and won’t get loose.
  • Last, but not the least, know when to discard your favorite piece of lingerie. In general, you should dispose them after six months, if you are a daily wearer. A worn-out a bra may damage the size of your breasts and make them sag. Also, it is not good to wear pantiesfor more than six months.

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