If you are a parent and looking for ways to stop spoiling your kids, you have come to the right place! Go through the following lines and know how to stop spoiling your child.

How To Stop Spoiling Your Child

Before you start looking for ways to stop spoiling your kids, the question arises as to why people spoil their children. As per psychologists, the most common reason behind this is that many parents want to create the perfect world for their children and think that it can be done only by providing them material comforts. They want their children to have everything they didn’t have and often end up succumbing to every whim of their child. What they don’t know is that by doing this, they are actually spoiling their child’s future. The kids who get spoiled in the childhood tend to become whiney as they grow old and are unable to handle challenges. At times, they turn out to be total losers also. So, know how to stop spooling your child, before it's too late. For this, you will first have to recognize the signs that you are indulging in such a behavior.
Signs Of Spoiled Kids
The problem with many people today is that they don’t really recognize the fact that they are spoiling their children. The jet-age kids have all the resources to manipulate their parents any way they want, without the latter even being aware of it. Some of the signs, which say that a child is being spoiled, are: 
  • Your child expects to get everything he/she asks for and doesn’t care how he/she gets it.
  • Your child is not used to hearing the word “no”.
  • Your child is a whiner and has no respect for the rules.
  •  Your child is selfish and does not share anything with other kids, even his/her siblings.
  • Your child is rude and self-centered. 
If these signs ring true for your child, it is high time you stopped spoiling him/her. No time is too late to reverse the spoiling. Your child may hate you initially, but would realize that it was for his/her own benefit, in due course of time. Now, the question comes how to stop spoiling your child? Right this second, stop succumbing to your kid's whims and stop feeling guilty over it. If you need more help over the matter, check out the tips given below.
Ways To Stop Spoiling Your Kids
Be A Good Role Model
To make your children disciplined, you need to provide them with examples. If you are whiney and nag too much, you would find these traits in your children as well. Even if you are not the only influence in their life, you will have to become the best influence. Until you make your children proud of you, they are least likely to get influenced by you.
Don’t Let Your Guilt Creep In
Today, hardly anyone gets enough time to spend with his/her kids. People are so busy piling up money that they keep a nanny to take care of their children. In order to make up for the lost time, they end up buying stuffs to make the kids happy. The guilt of spending less time makes them splurge on children and eventually, they end up spoiling them. Parents need to understand that children need love; not material things. Try to spend what little time you have, with your child, in a constructive way, like playing or chatting. This will bring you closer too.
Learn To Say “No”
In order to stop spoiling your child, you first need to learn, how to say 'NO'. It is essential that your children know that they cannot get everything they wish for. The world is not perfect and they need to learn how to cope with disappointments as well.
Teach The Value Of Hard Work
Tell your kids that whatever you earn comes after a month of toil and hard work. Make them learn that you work a lot, to keep them happy and provide them with a decent life. Children should know that a lot goes behind the toys they play with. They need to learn to respect hard work.
Set Limits & Stick By Them
Set a limit to what your children can have. For instance, keep a limit on the money that you will spend on their toys - in a month, convey the same to your children and adhere to it. If they act persistent, stand firm. Tell them that they are acting spoilt and you won’t entertain such a behavior.

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