The tips given in this article will provide you with the best way of steeping tea. Read it thoroughly and know how to steep tea perfectly.

How To Steep Tea

When you get up in the morning, a freshly brewed cup of tea serves as the perfect start to the day. In fact, many people depend upon their morning hot cuppa to feel refreshed. Tea is not only preferred because it gives you a lot of energy, but also due to its various health benefits. A freshly brewed cup of black tea consists of the optimum amount of antioxidants needed by the body. For the tea to be refreshing, it needs to be brewed and steeped perfectly. In order to steep your tea perfectly, you need to pay attention to the process of steeping and the time for which the tea is kept in water. In case you want some help for the same, we are here to your rescue. Read on further and get some tips on the best ways to steep your tea.
Steeping Your Tea
Hot Brewing Tea
Things Needed
  • Tea (loose or in teabags)
  • Kettle/ Pot (with lid)
  • Water 
  • First of all, you need to pour water into a kettle or a pot and heat it. You may pour water for two to three cups of tea, or as per your requirement.
  • Turn off the heat at the time the water starts boiling.
  • After that, it is the time to add tea leaves/powder or teabags.
  • Now, keep aside the kettle or pot, place a lid on it and let the tea steep in it.
  • The amount of time the tea should be steeped will depend upon the type of tea and the taste you want. In case you want just a mild flavor of the tea, then you may steep it for the minimum time. On the other hand, if you want a very strong cup of tea, steep it for the maximum time.
  • To know the exact time of steeping tea, you may check the tea packet and follow the instruction given therein. 
Cold Brewing Tea
Things Required
  • Glass Pitcher (with a lid)
  • Water
  • Tea Leaves/ Tea Bags
  • Ice Cubes 
  • In order to cold-brew your tea, take a large glass pitcher and pour normal water in it.
  • Add tea leaves or teabags to the water.
  • Now, pour some hot water in the pitcher, so that the leaves release their flavor.
  • After a quick steep, add ice cubes to the tea.
  • Cover the pitcher with a lid.
  • Now, place the pitcher in the refrigerator, for eight to 12 hours.
  • Take out the pitcher from the refrigerator. The tea will be brewed optimally. Stain it and enjoy your cold cup of tea! 
  • Always make use of bottled water for both hot brewing and cold brewing of the tea.
  • Do not boil water too much, when you hot steep the tea. This is because the hotter the water, the lesser taste the tea will have. You just need hot water, which is about to boil, for the tea.

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