Want to know how to starch your favorite pair of jeans into a crisp and neat outfit? Peek into this write-up to learn the steps for starching jeans.

How To Starch Jeans

You have a prom night coming up this weekend and you’ve been asked to put on jeans as part of your dress code. And to your dismay, you’ve forgotten to drop in your jeans at the dry cleaners to get them starched? And to add to this disappointment, you have never been successful in starching your jeans at home. Do not worry. You are not the only homosapien under the sky to be faced with such a frustrating situation. Most people yearn for crisp and neatly ironed blue jeans exuding persona and oomph unlike some of them who prefer sporting casual and soft appearing jeans. Kinda distressed about what to do to ease your worry? Relax and follow the steps listed herein to starch your jeans. Believe us; you’ll love to starch your jeans at home time and again. And it sure will give you a better outcome than through dry cleaning.
Steps To Starch Jeans
  • To get a perfectly starched pair of jeans, it is important to wash the jeans thoroughly.
  • Thus to start off, turn your jeans inside out and put it into the washing machine.
  • Set the water temperature to cool or warm water, as per your choice.
  • Add a little amount of laundry detergent to the jeans and pour enough quantity of liquid starch into the fabric softener dispenser of the machine. Depending upon the brand of the liquid starch you are using, add the appropriate amount (read the instructions on the bottle carefully).
  • Allow the washing machine to wash your jeans and wait till it completes the entire cycle.
  • Thereafter, remove the jeans and turn it right side out. Dry it either in the clothes dryer or hang it on a clothesline.
  • Wait till the jeans are thoroughly dried and hang them on a hanger.
  • Make a solution by mixing equal amounts of liquid starch and cold water in a spray bottle. Close the bottle and shake well to blend evenly.
  • Switch on the iron and set it on medium-high heat setting.
  • Spread the jeans on the ironing board, arranging them in the fashion where you want the crease to show.
  • Spray the starch solution over the denim to slightly dampen the fabric from about 8 to 10 inches distance.
  • Iron the part of the fabric you have sprayed, back and forth, creating a neat and clean crease.
  • Spray the jeans on the next portion and continue ironing till you finish starching the jeans completely and get the desired stiffness and crease.
  • Hang the jeans on a hanger and check whether all the parts have been properly starched or not. If you’ve missed any portion, repeat spraying and ironing until perfectly done. 
If you assume the procedure to be lengthy, then yes, it is. But the efforts are worth, after all. Hope the above steps have been victorious in teaching you how to starch jeans at home. Good luck!

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