Showing your love to a girl is more than just tossing those three words without caring too much. Read this article to know how to show it without making it awkward or go unnoticed.

How To Show A Girl You Love Her

So, you met a pretty girl at a party and you are smitten by her. After a few chance meetings and a couple of orchestrated ones by your friends, you want to tell her how you feel. But, you can’t. Either you are too scared about the consequences or you are worried about how to approach her. It is always difficult to show your deepest feelings when it comes to your loved ones, and if it is a girl that you love, it becomes even more intricate. Undoubtedly, a simple ‘I love you’ can flatter a girl in many cases, but it may not be the same with every girl. Every woman likes surprises and what is better than surprising her with a love note. Nonetheless, those three magical words have no significance if you don’t do things that corroborate your words, as it is well said that ‘Action speaks louder than words’. Scroll down to find ways that can show the depth of your love for her.
How To Express Your Love To A Girl
Don’t Say It, Show It
A straightforward approach is the best one, though it won’t help much unless it is reflected in your actions. Helping her with small things will show that you really care for her. At this point of time, don’t give hints deliberately, she might not be ready for this and might find it vile or contemptible.
Keep It Real
Evaluate and reevaluate your feelings for her. It might be an infatuation or a natural attachment with a friend, which you have mistaken for love. Before uttering something sweet and beautiful to her, be sure of your feelings. Don’t try to fool her with an emotional one liner. Most importantly, don’t fool yourself. It is easy to believe that you are head over heels in love with a person. However, in order not to get hurt in the future and not hurt the girl in the process, it is important to be sure of your feelings for the girl first.
Go Slowly
Don’t forget the golden rule of ‘patience’. Before going for something big, strengthen your basic relations with the girl which is based on friendship. You can’t love somebody you don’t respect or care for. Show her you care and respect her feelings by supporting her in the toughest of times. This will establish a bond between the two of you.
Surprises & Secrets
Every girl like surprises provided they don’t make her cry or scare her off. Remember, you are picking something for a girl you love and you have to make her feel special. A cute teddy bear with a single rose is a good idea, not to mention with a box of her favorite chocolates. This is the best way to show that she is not one of your casual friends. Also, you could try adding a personal note with the gift, to make it a little more personal. Remember, if you don’t want to be friend-zoned, you have to make your intentions clear in a subtle way. A note or a poem in this case, would do.
Make It Unforgettable
When you know this is the right moment to express your feelings, make the occasion unforgettable. However, in some cases it might not be necessary to say, as both of you know it too well. But, if you have to say it, do it without embarrassing yourself or her. There are many ways to say that, you just have to know what will be the winning bid for you.
Important Tips
  • Don’t make it a big deal. Just showing the girl that you ‘care’ in a simple, yet effective manner should be enough for the time being.
  • Respect her personal space. Don’t get too clingy in the process of helping her and give her the space and time you would have otherwise given her as a friend. The point is to get your point across without looking too desperate for attention.
  • Wait for the right moment to express what you feel about her or to show her through your actions. If the girl has had a bad day and she is trying to convey it to her friends, the last thing she would want is a boy trying to throw signs at her.
  • Be for her whenever required, but be a friend first!
  • When you are trying to show the girl that you love her, don’t expect anything in return. There might be a chance that the girl is not ready for love or she is just looking to be friends with you. So, when you are professing your love for the girl through actions, don’t expect her to do the same.
Telling and/or showing a girl how much you love her are not easy tasks; rather it requires oodles of patience, skill and of course, hopes! Before you set the ball rolling, it is important that you be friends with the girl first. Try and see the girl as a person and not as a conquest and you are good to go! Go through these pointers one last time again, before you make your move. All the best!

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