For becoming a social worker, all that you require is a strong desire to help others. Go through the article, to know how to become a social worker.

Becoming A Social Worker

Ever thought of becoming a social worker? It is a profession for those with a strong yearning to help others in need. Social workers aid people by helping them cope up with issues in their everyday life, deal with their relationships and solve their personal as well as family problems. Not only do they raise the standard of living of the community, at large, but also fight against the discrepancies, paving way for social justice. Social workers are concerned with social problems, their solution and the impact they have on the masses. They can work individually, with families, groups, organizations or communities. In this article, we provide information on how to become a social worker.
How To Become A Social Worker 
  • For becoming a social worker, it would be advisable to start early. Volunteering as an assistant to a social worker, right from high school, would prove beneficial for you. Not only would this give you a first hand opportunity to experience everything the field contains, but would also make a strong base or foundation.
  • In terms of qualification, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in social work (B.S.W.), for gaining entry into the field of social work. It is also very important to score well in school and college exams.While still in high school, start making a list of colleges that offer social work programs.
    Once you have selected the colleges, write for admissions information and applications before you end your high school.
  • While in college, do not waste your time. Instead, look for internships, with or without a stipend. This would give you exposure in the field of social work and can also open doors to your future. You might be able to make some contacts and use them in the future.
  • Once done with graduation, aim to get a master's degree in social work (M.S.W.) if you are keen to work at a responsible position.
  • After getting an M.S.W. degree, you need to work under a licensed Social Worker, for two years. Only then will you be able to sit for Social Worker license exam, for the state in which you live.
  • Another important thing would be to have a command over at least two languages. Not only would it add to your academic record, but also come handy when you step out to do the field work.

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