Here are some tips that will help you to become social & overcome shyness.

How To Be More Social

People often wonder how to be more social, how to talk to others and how to be more assertive. If you are not chatty at that moment or are reserved in general, you just can't flip a switch and be loving and friendly towards everyone instantly. Mostly, self consciousness is the reason for shyness and loneliness. It usually vanishes as we mature, but for some of us, it just doesn't go away. Similar to other skills in life, practice makes a man perfect in this case as well. To help you a bit more in this regard, we present some tips and techniques to get more social and gain back that confidence.
Tips To Become Social & Overcome Shyness
Practice - This is perhaps the first step towards being social. Start small, with people who you make you feel comfortable and gradually move on to others. It sounds a little strange, but that is the way to build up your conversation skills.
Smile - Yes, it’s really amazing how a simple act like smiling can go a long way in reducing the stress of dealing with people. The world around you is not bad, so smile and be happy. Smiling relaxes you and makes you more approachable.
Listen - Be a good listener and talk only when it is your time to talk. Always speak confidently and listen to what people around you have to say. The simple act of listening can help you being more social with the people around you.
Watch TV - Switch to your favorite show and pretend to be one of the characters. Mute the button when it is his/ her turn to speak. Now, make up your lines and speak loud. Do not try to imitate the character. Just be natural and speak up what comes to your mind.
Be Interested In People - People who are great at socializing make other people feel comfortable around them, by being truly interested in them. While talking to someone, show interest in the conversation, by being genuinely interested in what he/she has to say. This way, you will gain confidence and the attention will be on you.
Perform - Take a step forward and perform in front of an audience. The more you present yourself in front of your friends, colleagues, and classmates, the easier it would be for you to open up in front of strangers.
Be Friendly - Try to be friendlier, as this would improve your social skills. Initiate conversations, say hi to people and make the first move. It does take a lot of energy, but with a small start, you can build it into an automatic part of your life.
Converse - Converse with people, by asking them about their life, likes, dislikes, interests, etc. Most of them love to speak about themselves, their preferences, their dreams, etc. Try to draw out common aspects between the two of you and move on with the conversation.
Compliment - Never forget to compliment people on various suitable occasions. Compliments prove to be great conversation starters. However, make sure that you are genuine while doing so. 

Last Tip - Remember that each one of us has the capability to be the most social person out there. It’s just that some of us have to take those extra steps. Be ready to do your extra bit.

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