Do you want to know how to look classy and attract the attention of the people around you? If yes, then go through the article and read the tips on looking classy.

How To Look Classy

Beauticians and fashion designers can give you countless tips on makeup, hairstyles and the latest shoe trends. These together can serve as the ways to look classy. However, the real class and elegance is inherent––it comes from inside and cannot be purchased. The levels of classiness, elegance and charm will shine through your personality only if you know the real meaning of class. Being classy defines the quality of your taste and intellect. Your class lies in the way you carry yourself publicly. It is the classiness that makes a woman look sexy and gorgeous. Of course grooming has a lot to do with it too, but without class even your well groomed personality will not be able to capture hearts and minds. Class might not be something that you can buy off the shelf in a shop but it sure is something that you can practice and slowly inherit. It does not take a lot, obviously except for a will to be classy and conscientiousness in your mind. If you want to be classy then everything about you needs to be classy. You cannot be well polished in one aspect of your life and be crude and raw in everything else. The roughness will show itself one way or the other. Class means the kind of sophistication that makes your personality wholesome and complete. If you covet classiness in others and want to learn the nuances of this art then you have come to the right article. Read on.
Look Classy
Etiquette: Whether you are dining out at a restaurant or attending a meeting, your class will reflect in the way you conduct yourself. Your posture, manners, grace and the way you behave can very well convey the classiness in you, to the people around. Maintaining good etiquette will take you a long way in becoming the epitome of class. Learn how to perfect the art of table manners and the next time you are at a dinner with others, everyone will know that you have acquired a new charisma of class and perfection. Everything should show the magic of your class and style. Even if you are doing something as banal as hailing for a taxi, your hand, mind, body language––absolutely everything should say that you are a superior lady who believes in perfection and charm.  
Language: What you speak and how you speak will show your elegance. If every other word coming out of your mouth is humiliating or conveys a derogatory meaning, it is quiet apparent that you lack class. Do not insult or gossip around. Remember, a classy woman chooses her words carefully and listens much more than she speaks. That does not mean that she cannot have fun. Be amusing and quirky, there is no restrictions on acting your original self but it would only add up to your class if you can do it in a feminine manner. Your feminine charm should stay intact; everything else should circle around it. Talk in a language and tone that reflects your education and superiority.  No matter if you are angry or happy, the pitch of your voice should always be consistently low. If you have to make a point then you can very well make it with the substance of what you want to say, not the pitch or tone.
Body Language: The acceptable body language signals include standing up straight and showing interest when you are listening to someone. When you walk down the street with your back straight, head raised high and a sweet smile on your lips, people will turn their heads to say, “There goes the classy one”! If you have ever noticed the ramp models walking on the ramp, their body language is always erect and attentive. They look like women who are sure of themselves and know what they are doing and we get this idea about them merely through the way they walk or stand. Therefore, body language is a very important aspect of a person’s personality. We can say a thousand words without saying anything just by the way we react to things through our body gestures.  
Attire: First impressions are often assessed by outer appearance. Your classiness and elegance will stand out if you dress well and appropriately. You will be out of the place in no minute, if you wear clothes disregarding the occasion! Apart from choosing the appropriate attire for occasions, you should be well groomed as well. Often wearing out of the league clothes is also considered as an aspect of classiness but only when you know how to carry it off. Do not dress yourself in anything that you have no clue how to pull off.
Be Assertive: Maturity, confidence and thoughtfulness is well reflected by assertiveness. Inculcate all the three qualities in you and get noticed for being classy. You do not have to do a lot to achieve it; it comes on its own when you make yourself intellectually and emotionally strong.
Be Knowledgeable: Last, but not the least - it is the knowledge that will give you the tag of being classy. It is wise to be politically, culturally and religiously aware of the world, or at least of the country you are living in. You should be able to initiate and hold conversations. You cannot afford to look classy and then come across as dumb.

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