Fixing a bad relationship is all about regaining the old chemistry. Read on to know how can you fix a bad relationship.

How Can You Fix A Bad Relationship

Are you worried about the tension and revulsion that has crept into your relationship? Relax! You would be surprised to know that even the most compatible couples go through a few bad patches in their life. You should remember that having a bad relationship is not what matters, what counts is the efforts you take to get over it. Poor communication and misunderstandings hamper the bond. However, the chemistry can be revived if you determine what is wrong and what you need to do to fix it. Fixing a bad relationship is a way to reconnect with your own self. In the following lines, we provide tips on how can you fix a bad relationship.
Fixing A Bad Relationship
What’s Wrong?
Enough of blame games and explanations! Get over it and ask yourself what is actually wrong. Reviewing the whole situation and putting the blame on each other only aggravates the situation, creating rifts. So, the first attempt to revive the relationship would be to find what is going wrong and why has the chemistry between the two of you vanished.
Take Up The Responsibility
Good relationships are made in heaven, but maintained on earth. They work well because of the initiative taken by both the partners. Likewise, bad relationships are also a joint effort. So, be a little introspective and think how you have contributed to worsen the situations, intentionally or unintentionally. Thereafter, accept the responsibility.
Make A List Of Relationship Myths
Most of the couples adhere to a particular set of strategies or rules in their life. They sincerely believe the fact that there are certain rules that one must follow to make a relationship healthy. However, the problem lies not in following the rules, but making faulty rules in the first place. Preconceived notions always make a relationship sour.
Set New Love Rules
Once you have found what is lacking in your relationship, your role in worsening things and the myths you have blindly followed, it is the time to get over them and set new love rules. Both of you should sit together and work towards making positive and healthy rules that would help you enjoy the bliss of a strong love bond.
Work Towards Forming A Healthy Relationship
It is the ‘Do It’ stage, where you actually incorporate the above tips in your love life. Put all of them into action. Know at least one thing in a day that shows your love for your spouse. Remember, difficult times make the bond stronger and the love boundless.

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