Ending a relationship is always given the status of the ‘dirty job’. Here are some healthy ways to end relationships.

How To Terminate A Relationship

“So, is this the end?” ask many a broken hearts when their loved ones talk about ending a relationship. The ideal answer to that would be a definite ‘NO’; it is just another beginning. The trouble with relationships is that not many of us know how to terminate a relationship on a positive note that will leave both the parties content, if not happy. That is so because we view the end of a relationship as a failure and not as just another ‘end’, like say the end of a bad phase. This is primarily the reason why there is always so much drama associated with ending a relationship that most people try to avoid it till the time things blow out of proportion and the situation cannot be redeemed. It is thus best to end a relationship before it is too late and to keep emotional outbursts to the minimum. Here are some ways to end a relationship with dignity.
Terminating A Relationship With Dignity
Here are some ways to end a relationship with dignity and still maintain positivity:
Ask What You Want?
The first thing, you need to ask yourself is whether you really want to end the relationship or are you just angry and overreacting? If you are just angry, then give yourself some time to calm down and only then try talking things over with your partner. Never take decisions in haste or in anger – if you are very excited or worked up, just ask for some time to think things through and only then take a decision.
Talk With Control
All said and done, it is always better to exercise control over your feelings – especially if you are really bitter – so that you do not end up hurting your partner too much. Remember, you are not the only one disappointed with the relationship; your partner’s disappointment, real or imaginary in your opinion, is also worthy of consideration. The best way to handle it is to ask yourself “would I want to hear that for myself at any cost?” – This question is the easiest answer to all such problems and misunderstandings.
Volumes Down
It is always best to talk in low tones; not only will you have more control over the situation; the neighbours also will be spared from being reluctant witnesses to an episode of MTV Splitsvilla unfolding in front of them! Jokes apart, it is most advisable to keep your cool. There are high chances that your partner may loose cool, especially if he or she has no intention to end the relationship. Because you know what you want, you should have no doubt.
Compassion Works Too
You will be surprised how easy it is to make your partner see the point if you empathize with them. People other than the one who initiated the breakup often feel that they are not understood; that their feelings are invalidated. Give your partner the right to get angry with you and let him or her feel the pain. Let them know that though you do not like to take all the blame for the fact that a relationship broke, you are aware that it was partially your fault too. Since you are the one initiating the breakup, the other person is bound to feel powerless and helpless, as if they were the victims. Do not let them feel so and tell them that it is better to stay away than to keep hurting each other.
Set Limits
After you have made your partner see your point and agree to breaking up, it is up to both of you to decide the limits of any further correspondence or interaction. If you think you cannot remain friends, make it clear. Do not say, “Okay, we shall remain friends” when you think you won’t be able to handle that. Set very clear boundaries and limits to any further interaction and do not entertain any blame game or show of emotion from that person.

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