Do you want your breasts look bigger and firmer? If yes, then go through this article and explore the ways to make your small bust look bigger naturally.

How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

It is a popular belief that big and firm breasts increase the beauty and sex appeal of a woman. Women with small breasts often opt for a number of surgical methods and consumption of pills, to make their bust bigger. Effective though, most of the treatments are either very costly, or have potential side effects. On the other hand, the non-surgical methods for breast enhancement are proven to have very less or no side effects. Most of them are inexpensive as well. In the bit-extra time the non-surgical methods take to increase your breasts, you can make them look bigger than they are, by resorting to certain simple ways.
How Do You Make Your Bust Look Bigger Naturally 
  • Wear a bra that gives the perfect shape and a gentle lift to your breasts, without squeezing the lower area and the nipples. Padded push-up bra will be your best bet, because it is specially made to make the bust look bigger. It is generally termed as 'miracle bra' or 'wonder bra'.
  • To attain the erotic curve shape for your breasts, opt for under-wire brassier, which would provide good support underneath your bust and lift them up as well, making them look bigger.
  • Another way to firm up the breasts and make them look bigger is to insert foam pads into your brassier. Place the pads in the cup, under the breasts. Brassier with built-in pockets (to place the foam pads) are also available in the market.
  • To make your breasts appear fuller, you may apply a little amount of shimmer/glitter on top of each breast. This will highlight the curved shape of your breasts.
  • Your clothing can create a significant difference! A good way to make your breasts look bigger is to wear a tight top just over your bra, under your formal shirt.
  • Cross your bra straps and detach the two back straps. Now, switch the loophole, to which the straps are secured. This will pull your breasts up, making them look bigger. 
Other Methods
Exercise is a natural and affordable way to make the breasts bigger and firmer. Concentrate on exercises that can build the muscle around your breasts, especially below them. Such an exercise will give your bust a little bit of lift, making it look bigger. Be careful not to build muscle in the upper chest, because it pushes the fat of your breasts downwards, making them droop or look flat.
Breast Massage
Breast massage, if done properly, enhances the bust size. The massaging action stimulates the breast tissue, aiding it in acquiring the desired shape and size. To make your breasts look bigger, you should exert only moderate pressure. Massage the lotion/cream gently in circular motion, starting from below your breasts and work towards the middle chest area. Apart from increasing the size, the technique also makes the breasts healthier and helps maintain the balance of hormones in your body.
Do you know that diet can do wonders in increasing your bust size? Food like including soy, chickpeas, flaxseed, lima beans, apples, wheat germ and ginger are proven to increase the bust size. The phyto-estrogens present in them have a significant effect on the physiology of human body. 
Fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds are considered as some of the best breast-enhancing herbs. The phyto-estrogen present in these herbs stimulates natural breast growth. The hormone-balancing property of these herbs also aids in the breast enhancement process. Make sure that you consume the right amount of the herbs on a regular basis.

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