Making a paper envelope helps give a more personalized look to your card or letter. Learn how to make your own paper envelope.

How To Make An Envelope

Envelope is one of those things that almost all of us use and majority of us take for granted. Whether you want to post cards, letter or invitations, an envelope is something that is absolutely essential. While many of us think about making a card on our own or writing a letter than taking a printout, hardly a few would have thought about making their own envelopes too. What we usually do is go to the stationery shop and buy that usual, boring white-color envelope. Do you know that a beautifully made and personalized envelope can enhance the value of the gift to a great degree? Just read on further and get some amazing tips on making your own paper envelope.
How to Make an Envelope
Things Needed
  • Old Envelope
  • Decorative Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler 
  • First, you need to get an old envelope, to serve as the template for the new one. It should be of the same size as you want to make.
  • Gently tear off the seams of the old envelope and unfold it carefully. Make sure not to rip apart the envelope.
  • Take the new paper and lay it on a flat surface, in a way that the decorated side faces down.
  • Place the unfolded old envelope on top of the paper. With the help of ruler and pencil, trace an outline for the template.
  • Cut the new paper along the traced edges. This will provide you with an outline for the new envelope.
  • Again, take the old envelope and with its help, along with pencil and ruler, draw the fold lines of the new envelope. There should be a fold line on the top, bottom and both sides.
  • Fold all the edges inward, from the outside, till you reach the fold line.
  • Take some glue and spread it, in a small line, along the bottom edge of the envelope edges.
  • Carefully fold-up the bottom edge and glue it down.
  • Now, crease the bottom and side edges alone the fold lines, making sure the line is straight.
  • Do not fold the top yet.
  • Take the card or letter and place it inside the envelope.
  • Now, fold the top of the card over.
  • Finally, seal the top edge, either with glue or a decorative sticker.

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