Check out this article about how to make a woman happy if you’re going through a rough time and are finding it difficult to put a smile on your beloved’s lovely face.

How To Make A Woman Happy

Now that’s a tough nut to crack. You might as well have asked “how to move a mountain using telepathic energy”. But dedicated that we are we’ll crack this one too. So prop up yourself! Pluck the brightest star in the universe and bring it at her feet. Hold her hand and take her to the moon. Buy for her the biggest bungalow there is, even if it resorts to you transforming into Robin Hood (without an intention of giving to the poor). Come in the most luxurious car and pick her up. Get for her the shiniest diamond ring. This is exactly the type of thought process you need to stay away from. For a woman’s heart is as soft as feather and as gentle as a dove. It doesn’t long for the earthly possessions of the world, but for the heavenly gestures of her loved ones. Be there for her when she needs you the most, to her it’ll be as good as possessing the brightest star. Tell her you love her and need her, to her it’ll be as good as being transported to the moon. Embrace her with your loving warmth and care, even living in a majestic bungalow won’t give her the same gratification that she felt in your arms. Surprise her by showing up unannounced and sweep her off the feet, even a luxurious car won’t match up to the joy of the former. Get her the shiniest diamond ring, because some feelings can’t be substituted. Only kidding! You got the picture, right? It’s all about doing the little things that make her feel loved and cared for. And even you’ll agree that the feeling of being loved and cared for brings about an unmatched happiness and joy. Read further to know about how you can make a woman happy.
Making A Woman Happy
Be Natural
In order to gain her trust and attention, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because you can only do that for time being; sooner or later she’ll catch you for what you are and you’ll be kicked out for good. Pretence is not going to make her any happy. You being natural will.
Be Present
If you don’t want your name to be deleted from her cell phone and memory, then show up and be there for her every time she asks you to. Let her know that you care and are there to support her. Doing this will help her trust you.
Listen And Feel
Ever heard of the word called “Listening”? Are you listening now? It’s a sense that has gone astray by not being put into use too often. Raise it from the dead. Pay attention to what she is saying. Think about having hot dog with cold beer while watching your favorite game later, you’ll get plenty of time for that. Do not just listen to her, feel what she’s saying and let her know you’re there.
Secure And Assure
Secure your woman. Securing her financially is important but more than financial security, a woman is looking for emotional security. Don’t let her get the feeling that you’re going to run off, the moment things get detoured from what they were supposed to be. Assure her that it’s not going to happen. Assure her that you’ll be there looking out for her.
Be expressive about your love for her. Don’t drop dead the moment she tells you “I love you”. And don’t wait for her to say it first. If you are really in love, say it whenever the feeling pops up. Let her know of the importance she holds in your life. Let her know she’s needed and that you’re thankful for her being in your life.
Be A Gentleman
Be a perfect gentleman and let go off any bad habit that you may be holding on to, be it smoking, smacking, gambling, or womanizing. Don’t abuse, don’t tell insulting jokes, and don’t be rude, arrogant, or mischievous. Live with morals, care for others and show respect to everyone.
Little Things
“Buy me a rose, call me from work, open a door for me what would it hurt; tell me you love me by the look in your eyes, these are the little things I need the most in my life.” Remember, this famous song from Kenny Rogers. It sings to you about how little things can perk up your woman and make her feel loved. Cook for her, show up at her work place to say hi, plan a surprise date with her, admire her, and surprise her with gifts even in the off season, when it’s not Valentine’s Day or your dating anniversary.
Stick to these ways to make a woman happy. It’ll do a world of good to your relationship with all the smiling and loving back in your life.

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