Everyone today is more sad than happy. As such, being happy has become the genuine wish of each one alike. Read below to get some tips on how to become happy.

How To Become Happy

Happiness is a state of the mind. Since you are the only one who can control your mind no one has the capability to force you to be happy. Nor can you force others to be happy. Happiness is something that comes from inside you and it is entirely in your hands whether you want to be happy or not. A poor hearth can have happy cheer around it; while an over laden table may be surrounded with fake smiles and sad souls. It all depends on how you accept your situation. Agreed, happiness depends upon the action of some chemicals in the body, but don’t forget that it is only you who can activate those. The first step is to take an interest in being happy. Most people think that happiness will descend on them like rain droplets from the sky. As such, they spend most of their time waiting for the happy rains to wet them and bring smiles. When this does not happen, they expend their time cribbing on why they are not happy, not realizing that only if they start working towards being happy, they can be happy. When not happy, think of happiness and don’t brood over darkness and sadness. Happiness also acts like a chain reaction. When you smile, you will bring a smile in someone else’s face and when you see a smile you will smile too. Happiness also works the same way. So, in every walk of life keep your step light and happiness will beckon you. Given below in the article are several steps on becoming happy.
Tips On Becoming Happy
  • Focus more on the present than in the past and the future. Try to live in the moment as most of the unhappiness comes from the past experiences and an unsure future. Remember that you can’t change the past or influence the future. However, what you can definitely do is make the present, which is in your hands, a pleasant and happy one. In short, the life of today should be your primary concern and mantra for life.
  • Laugh a lot and laugh out loud. Always be ready to shower smiles. Keep happy thoughts in your heart and mind. Just recalling happy events raises the pleasure inducing hormones and lowers the stress hormones.
  • There is a direct correlation between a happy state of mind and sleep. Getting the regular dose of sleep is essential for staying happy, as it rejuvenates the mind and the body. A good and satisfying nap is always helpful in keeping you happy. So, just grab that snuggly pillow of yours and get off to sleep for a happy you!
  • Music always has a soothing effect on the state of the nerves. Listening to your favorite music or humming along your favorite tune will activate those areas of the brains that produce happiness. Music is also a great stress buster and so it will relieve you, leaving you in high spirits.
  • Don’t go for any of those activities that don’t interest you and leave you stressed out. Do things that you enjoy the most. When you are working on something that interests you, you won’t develop undue stress and so will increase your happiness quotient.
  • Spend time with your family. Take time out even when you are loaded with a busy schedule to be with them and know what they are up to. This is the best stress buster. Being in the arms of your family will automatically make you happy.
  • If you live alone, why not adopt a pet. Pets are the best companions of man and what’s more, pets like dogs or cats always sense their owner’s mood and respond to them. It is even said that pets are even more beneficial than human companions.
  • Volunteer for charitable works. No matter how stressed out or unhappy you feel, this kind gesture of yours will definitely cheer you up, making you feel joyful. Also, when you see and feel the problems of others, you will not tend to take your problems too seriously. Working for the good of others will always makes people happy.
  • Explore your spiritual side and try to connect with it. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion or god. So, you can be a spiritual person and an atheist at the same time. Spirituality is finding your inner balance, the meeting point of your mind, body and soul. You can explore your spiritual side in many ways either through religion, or through mediation, philosophy or even travelling. The purpose is to connect with your inner self.

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