Along with new resolutions, the start of the year calls for a new calendar. Read below to learn how to make a calendar.

How To Make A Calendar

The end of the ongoing year and the start of another always calls for the addition of many new things, foremost among them being a calendar. Any sort of planning, either at work or at home, requires minute consultations with it. As such, a calendar, like a watch, has become an integral part of life, if not indispensible. Believe it or not, the presence of a calendar has made life a lot smoother. There are various types of calendar systems that exist throughout the world, depending upon the culture, religion and geography. However, what unites all of them is that all calendars are cyclic with divisions of year, month and day. And surely calendar has come a long way from being simple posters on the wall to digital ones in your computer. For the coming year, why not try your hand at making a calendar all by yourself? You can effectively make the calendar on your computer and take a print out instead of buying one from the market. The best and easiest is to use a Microsoft word document and its calendar wizard to make one. Given below are step by step instructions on how you can make a calendar.

Making A Calendar

  • If you don’t have Microsoft word in your personal computer then you can load the software. All Microsoft OS comes with the word document.
  • Click on the start button and select the programs button. Then, go to the Microsoft office tab and click the Microsoft office word tab. The word document will open.
  • In the word document, click on the office button at the top left corner. A window will appear. You have to click on the ‘New’ button which will open another document.  
  • On the left hand side of the new document there will be a list of templates. Click on the calendar template which will open a list of the type and year of the calendar that you want.
  • Click on the particular year of the calendar. Once you click on a particular type of calendar you will be presented with a variety of calendar designs for that year.
  • From the designs listed, select one that you like the best and click on the download button. A document based on that template will open in a word document.
  • There will be twelve pages corresponding to each month of the year. To add texts to the calendar, bring the curser to the month and day where you wish to enter the text and click. Press ‘Enter’ to bring the curser to a new line and type in the text. You can format the text in any other word document.
  • If the default font size of the dates appears to be too small, then select the dates and increase the font size to size you desire. You can also change the theme font.
  • You can also insert images and pictures in the calendar. Click on the box in the calendar in which you want to insert the picture. Then click on ‘Insert’ tab in the top of the document and select pictures or clip arts from the ribbon below.
  • Now that the calendar is complete it is necessary that you save it. Click on the office button and select ‘Save as’. A window will open where you can choose the location where you want to save the calendar. Click save and you are done.
  • Your New Year calendar is ready to be used. You can either take a print out of the same or keep it on your desktop and use it as and when required.

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