If you have unusually high heart rate or tend to get excited easily, knowing how to lower heart rate naturally might help. Here are some ways to lower your heart rate naturally.

How to Lower Heart Rate Naturally

If you are someone with an unusually fast beating heart, all the time, everyday, then you are indeed suffering from Tachycardia, or rapid heartbeat, as we know it in layman’s term. The normal heart beat count for an adult is 60-100 beats per minute. If the heartbeat exceeds more than hundred, then it is tagged as the common, but crucial case of ‘tachy’, as medical practitioners like to put it. High heart rate is a serious heart complication that needs to be fixed, as it can lead to bigger health-related issues later. The best way to find out if your heart rate is too high is to get it checked by a cardiologist or by using your own personal heart rate monitor. Do not panic if you find out that you have irregular heartbeat, as switching on to a healthy living can put an end to your woes. Here are some great ways to get the heart palpitations beating normally and lead a healthy life. Read on to know more.
Ways To Lower Heart Rate Naturally
Sweat It Out
All of you are aware that nothing is more benefitting for your health than the good-old exercise. But did you know that regular exercise can bring down your heart rate and save you the risk of heart problems? It’s proven that regular exercise can boost your heart health and bring down your heart rate considerably over a period of time. Exercises like running, jogging, cycling, swimming and walking are some of the great cardiovascular workouts to relax your heart rate and enjoy good health.
Eat Right
Eating right has its own highs and it is definitely considered effective in lowering your heart rate. Gorging on foods that is known to benefit the heart is one sure way to boost your heart health. It’s seen that people who consume poor amounts of calcium, potassium and magnesium complain of irregular heart rate and heart palpitations. Skipping high sodium content foods and binging upon protein-rich diet is sure to help. Whole grains, dairy products, fresh fruits, raisins, spinach and figs are some of the items you can include in your diet and lower heart rate naturally. Also, don’t forget to take your daily dose of folic acid, as it is known to facilitate heart health and lower heart risks.
Dump The Flab
It is scientifically assured that obese people run a higher risk of heart problems. So, if you are overweight or obese, doing away with the extra pounds might ease out the complications. Taking to the treadmill and even binging on some low cal diet may help you get rid of all the extra weight in no time. What more, healthy eating and living is likely to help your heart rate simmer down.
Say ‘No’ To Caffeine
Addicted to coffee and don’t mind gulping gallons of coffee everyday! For all coffee lovers, this would be a beneficial revelation of sorts. Coffee is rich in caffeine and can be highly fatal for people suffering from high blood pressure and increased heart rate. As for those who indulge in soda, diet tablets, pain killers and teas, staying away from these drinks would prove to be helpful as they are high on caffeine too.
Kick The Stub
Did you know that smoking cigarette exposes you to the threat of coronary artery heart disease, exacerbating your blood pressure and heart rate too? The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarette increases your heart rate and blood pressure, straining your heart and blood vessels. Worse, it kills your stamina and makes you slothful. So, stub the butt and experience the change. Go for it!!
Learn To De-Stress
Work place issues and home woes are enough to throw you off the kilter, leaving you burnt out and stressed. Stress excites the sympathetic nervous system that causes your heart rate to fly. Result - anxiety and heart related traumas. So, the next time you feel blue and browbeaten, just try doing some yoga and meditation. For a simpler remedy, just lie down and do nothing and think absolute nothing. Indulging in an activity that makes you laugh and de-stress will significantly lower your heart rate.
Grab The Chocolate
If you love chocolate, here is another reason why should eat it more! Dark chocolates, chocolate confectioneries and chocolate drinks are high on cocoa that is known to lower your heart rate. However, this is no excuse for excessive binging, since over-indulgence can trigger weight gain, causing obesity and then rapid heart beat. So, the best idea would be to go for it, but in moderation.

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