Letting go paves the way for winning more. Read this article and rob a few suggestions on how to let go of the past.

How To Let Go Of The Past

The dreadful past haunts you. You lock it behind the doors of the unconscious chambers of your mind. But who knows, that door might just burst open coercing you to relive the worst moments of your life. If you choose to be wedged between the notions of why did I do this or how could I have done it better, you are subconsciously building a volatile mountain of misery in the deep confines of your psyche. Death, divorce, break-ups, unemployment, recession are no doubt ghastly on numerous levels but as a human being we should accept that these things aren’t in our hands. Fortunately, the way we respond to these ill-fated crises is indeed within our control. The key to moving on to greener pastures is letting go of the garbage dumpsters. It is a gradual process, but try and be optimistic as you strive to be reborn. Life can be cruel and exceptionally unfair to a select few. Waking up from sleep is the bigger nightmare. However, let’s not forget that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s gather a few good ways to bid adieu to your awful past.

Letting Go Of The Past Tips

  • In order to let go, you might have to start by dealing with the problem. First, give yourself a chance to breathe. Don’t panic. Let in sink. When you do so, bear in mind that what has already happened cannot be undone. So avoid thinking of what could’ve been and think ahead.
  • Be Mr.Brightside. Ignore the negative consequences and focus on the possibly good side-effects. If you lost your job, look out for another one. You might meet your life partner there! As morbid as it may sound, if your bed-ridden grandmother passed away, maybe it happened for the best! At least she didn’t have to suffer any longer! Cherish the memories. 
  • Channelize your grief by doing something creative. Pour your anxieties, wrath and remorse onto a piece of paper and you’ll be amazed! An influx of emotion stimulates the right side of your brain, manifesting a talent that you never knew you had! Be it an aesthetic painting on canvas or a small musical composition, the grief will subside as you exercise your creativity.
  • It is important to talk to the people involved and sort things out amicably. Express your true emotions and come clean. Confess and own up to your guilt, if you have any. Don’t be afraid. Bad blood doesn’t solve anything. Lay the matter to rest and bask in the relief.
  • Swallow your pride and apologize to concerned parties. You will be surprised with how good you will feel about yourself. Unnecessary resentment only exacerbates the sordid situation.
  • Start anew! Invite your new neighbour over to dinner or the pretty colleague who consistently smiles at you. Open up to them, once you feel you two struck a common chord. As you vent your share of woes and frustrations, forget not to lend your ears to the patient listener. Besides, listening to other people’s problems helps you overlook your own.
  • Meditate regularly. Block all pessimism and focus on how you can eliminate the pain. Reflect on all the positive aspects of living life.
  • Volunteer your time and efforts for a good cause. Distract yourself while entertaining the senior citizens with simple conversation or working for a pet shelter. If you have time to spare, you could always visit an orphanage and teach the kids something valuable.
  • Grab an empty object like a water bottle or compass box which you don’t require anymore. Note all the things you have trouble letting go of, scribble them onto a piece of paper and slip it into the empty object. These things could vary from a dead person or pet, hidden emotions, addictions and broken relationships. Soon after grab this container to your yard and bury it! From now on, these troubles cease to exist and you are liberated! You have moved beyond suffering.
  • In worst case scenario, try your luck with therapy sessions. Overcome your mental traumas with a trained professional and look forward to stress-free days.

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