Are you often worried about the safety of your jewelry? If so, read through this article to learn how to keep your jewelry safe.

How to Keep Jewelry Safe

If jewelry is a girl’s best friend, then it must defiantly be manna for thieves. Jewelry tops the list of the most stolen items and with reason. Be it in terms of cost or sentiment, it pays to keep your jewelry safe from danger. Just keeping it in drawers doesn’t mean that it is safe. Many people are careless and neglect their ornaments. They keep them in cabinets, in random boxes, and even leave them lackadaisically on countertops. Even if you have been lucky enough not to lose any pieces of your collection, not appropriately storing away your jewelry can lead to damage and theft of your precious pieces. It is therefore wise for you to invest in a few safety gadgets to ensure the safety of your valuables. Many companies offer a variety of expensive high end gadgets to keep robbers at bay. Though helpful, there are a few other tips that you can use to keep your jewelry safe. Read on to learn more about them.

Jewellery Safety Tips

Make Sure It Fits Well
This should be you first step towards making certain the safety of your jewelry. Tighten clasps and make sure the links are not loose. Loose jewelry can be prone to falling off without your knowledge. In addition, it is easier for it to be pulled off. Don’t put off visits to your local jeweler to make necessary changes.

Get It Insured
Different insurance companies offer a variety of policies. Check which one fits your needs and get your jewelry insured as early as possible. Sometimes, home insurance policies cover jewelry as well.  

Buy A Safe
If all else fails, buy a safe. It might be pricey, but deem it a good investment. It is also advisable to buy a fireproof one. A good quality safe can be bought at any department store or even online. Safes meant for jewelry are usually lined with wood and fabric to avoid tarnishing of the items in them.

Get It Appraised
A periodic appraisal of your jewelry helps in knowing its worth during fluctuations in the economy. This assists you in making good choices regarding insurance and investment of your jewelry. On your visit, you should receive written documents that provide listing of your jewelry as well as the name of the appraiser. Accept only a detailed listing that includes the weight, features and the current value.

Store It Suitably
While storing your jewelry, keep it away from openings such as grills and vents as it
would prove to be an easy target for robbers. Moreover, if a piece of jewelry falls, it should be easy to find rather than being stuck in a vent or crack.

Make It Inconspicuous
If you store your jewelry in a large, gorgeous looking box, chances are that thieves are sure to find your valuables pretty easily. Instead, keep it in a dull looking box in a chest of drawers, or find a place in your house where no one would think twice about looking through. Places like cabinets in kitchens and racks in cupboards are also unlikely targets.

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