Are your closets overburdened with clothes that don’t fit you or those that have gone out of fashion? Learn how to get rid of such old unwanted clothes.

How To Get Rid Of Old Clothes

Has your wardrobe taken the look of a museum, what with clothes of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns? Is it more like, you name it and fortunately or unfortunately you have it? Shirts, tops, skirts, jeans, frocks, and a variety of other clothes bought with love and care but now confined to mothballs and dust. If such is the case, then it’s high time that you wield the broom in your closet. This is a common sight in the home of anyone who eats, drinks and sleeps clothes, and only clothes. If you see the list of any confirmed shopaholic you will find that clothes always top the list. Everything goes fine until you find that there is no space inside your closet to fit in any of your newly bought dresses, sadly realizing that most of the dresses that are stuffed in the wardrobe are not of use anymore. And who would like to wear a maxi top when figure fitting tubes, and tight jeans are ruling the fashion roost. That is why clinging onto old clothes that are not in use does not make any sense at all. There are many ways how you can get rid of this dress-mess if you have some time, and a little patience with you. Go through the pointers to find more on how to get rid of old clothes, and help rearrange your closet.
Getting Rid Of Old Clothes
Given here are a few profitable ways to dispose your old clothes. 

Resale Store
It is the best way to make some money on the old clothes. If you take your old clothes to the resale store they will examine the clothes, and then offer you a price for it. You can either cut a deal or, if not, strike a deal with another. 

Online Auction
If you find it hard to take your clothes to a store directly then you can auction it on the internet. It is considered as one of the most effective medium of buy-and-sell transactions. You can find a credible and trustworthy online auction site, and can post the image and description of the items that you want to sell. You can also include the details like size, color, any special qualities as such. It is always recommended to put a photo of the dress that you are auctioning. In this way, you can sell your item to the highest bidder. 

Garage Sale
This is more of a direct way of selling your own clothes. A garage sale can be arranged during any weekend, and you can display your set of clothes that you want to get rid of. Take care that you don’t put on sale anything that is torn or worn out. 

Organize an old clothes swap party at home. You can invite your friends who also want to dispose some of their clothes. This can be fun as well as functional. Instead of the size 28 jeans that you used to wear, and which cannot be used anymore because of your pregnancy, you can get a maternity wear from someone who had been pregnant, and does not require it anymore. 

There are people in this world who are less fortunate, and can’t afford clothes. They would be happy to wear anything to help them cover their body. If you are really thinking of disposing off your clothes why not share it with the needy. The happiness that you will get through a charity donation is far more important than the money you get by a resale. 

Clothes are expensive so, why not recycle those unwanted clothes for use in everyday household tasks. You can make cleaning rags or quilts or anything that is useful out of these clothes that would otherwise go to the dust bin.

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