Are you looking for information on how to get rid of/kill ladybugs? Read on further and use the tips and ways, given here, for getting rid of lady bugs.

How To Get Rid of Ladybugs

Ladybug is an insect that is visible particularly during the winter season. It is a harmless insect that comes to homes in order to get shelter during the cold season. Ladybug is known to be of great help to people. It protects the garden plants from aphids, which feed on them. Another help that the ladybug provides is that it eats a number of other bugs, which can be quite harmful for your house fixtures as well as your garden. Though beneficial, ladybugs can become a problem, especially when they seem to infest your house. Ladybug multiplies rapidly, so within a short duration of time, it can fill your entire home. A large gathering of ladybugs will surely be irritating for you, especially when they start falling into your food, bed and even on your hair. They also chew some of the houseplants and thus can be a menace for you. In such a case, it becomes necessary to get rid of the ladybugs. Since ladybugs are quite helpful, only in the extreme cases, you should go for killing them. Otherwise, getting rid of them subtly is the key. In the following lines, we bring you a number of tips and ways, which can help you know how to get rid of the bugs.
Getting Rid Of Ladybugs
  • If there are only a few ladybugs, you can pick them up manually and throw them outside. They will find their way out. Ladybugs don’t bite, so you can conveniently pick them up and throw them out.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your home. Inject the areas around windows, molding and light fixtures with foam insulation, to keep the ladybugs out.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the area you see infested by ladybugs and take care that you cover every nook and corner of the house. Drop them in a bag and seal it. Once you are done with the catching, empty the bag far way from your house. Remember to empty the bag far away, since the ladybugs can crawl back and come to your house once again.
  • Put cloves around windows and doors and even in larger light fixtures. The cloves will help drive the existing ones away and also prevent the new ones from entering your house.
  • Burn lemon scented candles around the areas that have been infested with ladybugs. It will help in driving them away.
  • Hang sticky strips or put bug sticky sheets in the areas where you find ladybugs. They will keep away from such a place.
  • If their number is really big enough, go for purchasing a ladybug trap from your nearby store. Buy the one that has an attractive color. These traps are highly efficient in trapping the insects. 
Extreme Cases
In extreme cases, if you have to kill the ladybugs, make use of the following methods. 
  • Spray the ladybugs with an all-purpose spray cleaner or an insect/wasp spray. It will help kill them and then, you can throw them away.
  • Spraying lemon scented cleaner can also kill these insects. Thereafter, vacuum them up and empty the container outside. 
  • Never squash the ladybugs in your house. If you squash them, they will leave a yellow stain and will stink. The stain is too tough to be removed easily.

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