Getting a shy guy ask you out can be a task easier said than done. If you find yourself in the same situation, explore this article to know the steps to your dream date.

How To Get A Shy Guy To Ask You Out

Well, if you have set your eyes on a shy guy, be prepared to wait a little longer for him to ask you out. You will need a great deal of patience and understanding apart from a genuine interest in that guy. Yes, shy guys might appear unbreakable and their moves unpredictable, but just remember that they are guys too. You just have to break that wall of silence and get him on his knees to come to you. Remember, most shy people don’t open up without ado, so be prepared to be the one to make that first move. Scroll down to know further about how to get a shy guy to ask you out.
Dating A Shy Man 
  • Strike Up A Casual Conversation - In the first few meetings, make small and casual conversations on things like weather, news, college or otherwise. These small talks won’t harm or scare him off. Be careful and don’t jump on personal topics at this instance. He might find it annoying and feel turned off by you.
  • Make Slow Progress - Move on to personal but casual topics like family, hobbies, holiday plans and movies. This will break down the wall between the two of you and help in establish a bond. Make him comfortable by sharing small jokes or personal experience. Helping you in any manner will boost his ego and will make him comfortable around you.
  • Be Genuinely Interested - Don’t pretend to like anything about him, that you actually don’t. Be genuinely interested in his hobbies and work rather than fooling him around, it won’t work. Once he opens up with you, try to gauge his feelings. Little, but genuine and sincere compliments can work in your favor.
  • Simply Attractive - It’s okay to be a really dazzling and stunningly beautiful. But be careful with your make-up, as to look too gaudy or artificial. Most shy guys find it too loud and showy. Be simple, yet attractive and pretty.
  • Be Patient And Humorous - Don’t get disappointed at little or no response at all. Shy people are often oblivious of word games and think it of little worth. Show patience in your approach and keep your relation fresh and healthy with little bit of humor once in a while.
  • Drop Hints That You Like Him - If you are sure that he feels the same for you, give him the idea that he won’t risk anything by revealing his feelings. Most shy people are under confidence and they won’t risk embarrassment of rejection or a verbal confrontation. He will only ask you out when he is sure that it won’t ruin your current relationship.
  • Get Him Alone - Of course, you won’t throw a party for him at your home, inviting people completely stranger to him. Shy people are usually not party animals and get mortified in social situations. Private places are better dating venues and work as an ice breaker. 
While chasing your love, don’t forget to live the moments of togetherness. Wait for the right moment and he might surprise you with a dream date when you are least expecting it.

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