Do you feel embarrassed and less confident because you have broad shoulders? Read the article to get some useful tips on how to downplay your broad shoulders.

How To Downplay Broad Shoulders

Broad shoulders are seen as a masculine trait and can be a constant embarrassment for a woman. This is because women with broad shoulders appear to be less feminine and certainly have their dress choices quite limited. There are a number of ways to minimize or camouflage one’s broad shoulders, especially by using a little manipulation with your dressing style. Now, just throw your worries aside, for this article brings you some valuable tips on how to downplay those broad shoulders and feel more confident and positive.
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Tips To Downplay Your Broad Shoulders
Get Rid Of Padded Shoulders
A lot of jackets and dressed are padded on the shoulders, which give a broad look to one who is wearing them. They look good on people with drooping or lean shoulders, to disguise their physicality and give them a broad and healthy look. However, on people who already have broad shoulders, padded jackets look terrible and enhance the breadth of their shoulders. Structured suit jackets and coats should also be avoided by broad-shouldered people.
Avoid Clothes That Magnify Shoulders
People who have broad shoulders should dress smartly, to conceal the broadness of their physique. Smart dressing can disguise the worst of physical flaws. Cover those broad shoulders with dresses that do not draw attention to your shoulder area. Off-the-shoulder tops reveal your shoulders and therefore, should be strictly avoided. The cap of puffed sleeves also magnify shoulders, so don’t include them in your wardrobe. Choose soft shoulders or raglan sleeves, to avoid bringing attention to your shoulders.
Make Your Body Appear Longer
Choosing dresses that make your body appear longer is another great way to downplay your broad shoulders. Soften your shoulders to make the body appear longer and leaner. You can go for the same color in the entire outfit, for that effect. Darker clothing on top can also give you a leaner look and make your shoulders look less broad. Wearing light colors will attract unwanted attention to your torso, more so shoulders. Hence, try to avoid wearing them.
Go For A Fitting Hairdo
You can also use you hair to effect, while trying to hide those broad shoulders. Short hair doesn’t fit well with such shoulders, as it only makes the shoulders more noticeable. This means that you will have to keep your hair long. Go for hairdos that attract interest towards your hair, rather than shoulders. When we look at a person, we look straight at the upper part of the body. This can be changed by sporting an interesting hairstyle that forces people to notice your hair and face, more than your upper part.
Choose Eye-Catching Accessories
Go for accessories that grab attention, drawing it away from your shoulders. Chain belts, bangles, and fancy buttons will not let excess focus on your shoulders. Eye-catchy accessories can do the trick for you, by seizing the attention of the other person. So, do not bother too much about those broad shoulders and just select the right accessories for yourself.

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