While decorating the foyer area of your house, make sure that it proves to be a reflection of personality. Check out the ideas given here and know how to decorate a foyer.

How To Decorate A Foyer

As you open the front door of your house, to let any guest in, the first thing that he/she notices is the foyer area. It provides him/her with the first impression of the house. Thus, it becomes of utmost importance for you to make sure that the foyer looks warm, welcoming as well as impressive. In order to help you achieve the task, we have listed a number of ideas in the lines below. Go through them and know how to decorate a foyer.
Decorating The Foyer
  • First of all, you will have to paint the foyer, that too in a color that blends with the overall look of your house. In case the foyer is at a place that is closed off from the rest of the house, you can experiment as much as you can, in terms of the color, pattern, etc.
  • Now, you will have to decide on the furniture that you want to adorn the foyer area with. Some of the best options, in this context, would comprise of console table, a round hall table, or even a bench. Another option would be an antique dresser, with intricate carvings, right in front of the entry door.
  • Adding to the overall décor of the foyer can be a rug or a welcoming mat. However, while choosing one, make sure that it has a rubber lining undertake, so that the possibility of skidding, and the resultant accidents, is completely avoided.
  • Now, the basic ground for your foyer has been set. You have chosen the furniture and also placed a welcoming mat. Get set for setting the furniture at the best angle and location. In case the space is limited, placing a console table against the wall will be a good idea. For a wide foyer, you should consider keeping a round table at the center.
  • Yet another aspect of the foyer decoration will comprise of the lighting. Make sure that the area is well-lit, so that people do not end up stumbling therein, at night. In this context, hanging a chandelier in front of the main entrance will do the trick.
  • Accessorizing forms a very important part of the décor, be it any area of your house. You can make use of an artwork for the purpose. Yet another option will be a mirror, which not only adds to the look of the foyer, but also allows the guests to have one final glance at themselves, before coming in.
  • Bringing nature inside the foyer area will act as the last step in its decoration. Apart from adorning the overall décor, flowers and plants would also make the area look much more welcoming. So, go ahead and buy some houseplants for your foyer.
Some Ideas
  • While painting the foyer area, you can try using bold or dark colors to give it more depth. Another option would be to paint just an accent wall, as the backdrop for your artwork.
  • For lighting purposes, you can opt for wall sconces or track lights on long narrow hallways. On the other hand, track lights would work well for highlighting a wall, artwork or other accessories.
  • While choosing the furniture for your foyer, select the size carefully. While, it should be big enough to be noticeable, you also need to ensure that it does not end up dominating the entire place.
  • If you would like to go for a mirror in the foyer area, there are two very god options. One comprises of placing a big mirror on top of the console, while the second involves leaning a tall mirror against the wall.
  • In terms of accessories, sculptures, knick-knacks and other collectibles prove to be great choices. However, make sure that the accessories are not so much that they give a cluttered look to the foyer area.
  • If there is enough space in the foyer area, you can always consider adding a bench, with throw pillows, for your guests to sit on.

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