Cheering someone up and bringing a smile to the face of a friend or loved one is the surest way to show that you care. Here’s how to cheer a loved one up.

How to Cheer Someone Up

Sob! Sniff! Goes your friend or a loved one. Maybe the person has just suffered a broken relationship, or has had to deal with the loss of a dear one. They seem to love their pain so much that they nurture it as if it were a little child. In such a case, it becomes increasingly difficult to cheer them up. The person concerned may even begin to feel as if his/her feelings have been invalidated when someone offers to cheer them up. In such a situation, it takes double the effort it would normally take to cheer someone up – first the person needs to cheer himself up or try hard to keep himself from losing his patience, so that he is in the right frame of mind to cheer his friend or loved one up. Making sure the person does not resort to self pity or vindictive behavior is another such task that can be accomplished by someone who can effectively cheer people up. However, one must not forget to listen to the friend who is in need. There are a few more guidelines that a person needs to keep in mind while trying to cheer a friend or a loved one up. Here’s how to cheer someone up. 

Ways To Cheer Someone Up

All Ears
The best way to respond to someone who is hurt or needs support for any other reason, is to listen to that person pour out to you. Many a times, it is the surefire way of healing. Most people are unable to say anything when they are hurt the most – for all such people it is best to let them pour out to a trusted friend than to let the negative feelings pile up and blow out of proportion. Many such people tend to hurt themselves to relieve the pain – do not let them fall into that pit.
From Gham to Gum
Offer them a piece of chewing gum – it may help to keep them distracted. Talk about how chewing gum makes you think of all the good memories that you have had as a person. Make them recollect their good memories even as they chew on the gum. Or, give them a punching bag and put a picture of the person who hurt them, on it. Then ask them to punch the bag as hard as they can and as many times as they can – it might help get rid of their negative feelings.
Life Is All About Haha, Hehe
Clichéd though it might sound, but laughter really is the best medicine and it especially works wonders for an aching heart or bruised feelings. Tell a joke to make your friend crack up. Smile broadly so that the person knows that you really do mean to bring a smile to their face. People can make out fake smiles so be true to yourself and the person you wish to cheer up.
No Advice for Free
As a friend, it is your birthright to give advice to a friend who needs it, but be sure not to give advice when it is not asked for. Most of the times people know exactly what to do; they know the solution to the problem they are facing but what they are looking for is sympathy and support. This happens mostly with women but some men need sympathy too sometimes. If the person openly asks you “tell me, what should I do?” or says indirectly “if only I knew what to do…” only then give your advice – the said sentences mean that the person has no clue as to how to solve the issue. In any other case, it is better to just be a good listener and offer sympathy

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