The tips for building a rabbit hutch provided in this article will help you make your own, in no time at all. Just read on and know how to build rabbit hutch.

How To Build Rabbit Hutch

Keeping pets is not an easy job. You have to provide them lots of amenities, like a proper place to live in, the right food and loads of affection. Since they cannot convey their discomforts to you, your responsibility increases all the more. In case of certain pets, like rabbits, you need to pay extra attention. One of the most desirable amenities for them is a proper place to live in. Rabbits are usually kept in hutches, which can either be brought from the market or made easily at home. In case you are looking for some tips for building a rabbit hutch at home, your search ends here. Browse through the following lines and know how to make your own rabbit hutch.
How to Build Rabbit Hutch
Items Needed 
  • Wire Rabbit Cage (or wire and wire cutter)
  • Metal Ties
  • Nails
  • Plywood
  • Hammer
  • 2’ by 4’ pieces of Plywood
  • Rubber Gloves (wear while working)
  • Saw 
  • Visit the nearest pet shop or farming supply center and buy a regular wire cage that is used for housing rabbit indoors.
  • In case you are unable to find it, buy wire and wire cutter. Now, nail 4 legs to the desired square footage of plywood.
  • Wrap the wire around all the four legs, in a straight line, making sure to leave about an inch of space between each line.
  • Tie the wires tightly and using the wire cutter, hack off all the loose ends.
  • Using the 2’ by 4’ pieces, construct a support frame around the wire cage, so as to make it strong enough to be used outdoors or in a barn.
  • Take four ‘2 by 4’ pieces and use them to built legs for the rabbit hutch.
  • Take the hutch to the spot where you want to place it. Now, hammer its legs into the ground.
  • Build a plywood roof for the hutch. Instead of simply putting a loose piece on the top, hinged plywood will be a better idea.
  • You can also build the roof of the hutch on a slope, so as to prevent precipitation from collecting on it.
  • Your rabbit hutch is ready. You can now add accessories like retractable pan, used for collecting the rabbit feces.

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