Wedding is the most memorable event and calls for a major celebration. However, before everything else, you need to announce your wedding to your pals. Read on to know how to go about with it.

How To Announce Wedding

Since childhood, there are billions of dreams emerging out from our mind and heart, which we want to fulfill. Out of them, one of the most common and biggest dreams is that of ‘wedding’. Wedding is the most incredible and beautiful experience that people cherish and remember throughout their life. The excitement and the extravaganza of the celebration can be equaled by none other. Once your marriage is fixed, announcement of the same becomes a major task. You need to inform your friends and relatives about your wedding plans so that they can be a part of your D-day celebrations, lest you want to tie the knot in solitude and isolation. Though this may sound easy, announcing the wedding can cause a streak of chill to run down the spine in some people. However, chill or no chill, you need to inform people about the ‘exclusive day’ of your life. Announcing wedding can be tagged as the most important part of the pre-wedding customs. While word of mouth is the most often resorted to method for informing people of the wedding bell plans, today, there are numerous ways through which you can spread the news. Read on to find creative and innovate ways of announcing your wedding.
Announcing Your Wedding
Newspaper Announcement
Want to go over-the-top right from the word ‘go’ for your wedding? Here is how you can achieve it. A traditional method, newspaper announcement is the best way to proclaim your wedding plans to a larger audience. Not only does it give your wedding an alluring touch, it also publicizes your wedding in the best way possible. So, for those all up to make their wedding a glamorous affair, you know what needs to be done.
Personalized Invitation Card
What can be better than a personalized invitation card to break the news of the wedding to your friends and relatives? Yet another traditional method, invitation cards include almost all the details of wedding. Today, there are different types of cards which are being introduced, such as theme based and musical cards. Club each of the cards with a gift hamper for a more celebratory touch.
World Wide Web
There is no denying the fact that this is the age of the internet. With the world going tech savvy, why not give your wedding a touch of the web? Confused? Start with the announcement of the wedding. There are numerous ways through which you can announce your wedding plans using the internet. e-mails and e-cards are some of the popular ways by which you can send the details of the wedding plans.
Social Networking Sites
The buzz of the social networking sites has taken the world by storm. A person, in the current scenario, spends a considerable amount of time on social networking sites. As such, these portals have become a major instrument for sharing latest information and happenings in each other’s life. You can announce your plans for the D-day through any of these sites. They pass the message instantly and allow you to get the feedback immediately as well.
Get Together
Today, people need a reason for a get together and what can be a better reason than your announcement of your marriage. Call in your friends and family members for a lavish dinner or some light evening snack at your home and then, when the spirit of the party is at its zenith, break the news of the biggest happiness of life. The mixed expression of shock and cheerfulness is sure to add a perfect zing to the party. Also, the happiness and blessings of the people present will make the announcement all the more special and memorable.
Making A Call
Don’t believe in pomp and show and want to keep your d-day a private and intimate affair? If yes, then here is how you can go about with it. If you have a limited set of friends and relatives or want to call just a few people for the celebration, then the best would be to give them a call personally and break the news. This would not only give in a personal touch to the invitation, but also help you maintain the privacy of affair.

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