Kids love hair highlights too! But, the trick is being more careful as the hair highlights can be quite harmful for kids and might damage their hair irreparably, if not done in the right way.

Hair Highlights For Kids

To truly bring out the youth in you, you must try some cool hair highlights to liven up that boring and dull hair of yours. The discussion about when to get the highlights and which colour suits you the best is a never ending one. But another question which the new-age parents are constantly pondering over is “WHEN” to get the highlights. After all, kids of today’s generation also love to look their best for any occasion. And these days, it’s not about clothes and shoes only, but also about hair – and highlights! Hence, highlighting has, now, become an option for kids too. Parents, very often, worry about the damaging effects (such as chemicals, UV rays, dryness) of these colours but there are natural and fake highlights that can do the trick for you! What you, as a kid, (or teenager!) must do is some research on exactly what suits your hair type, skin tone and face cut. To achieve some ravishing hair highlights, view the next section!

Kids Hair Colour Highlights

Natural Tips
  • Honey is a great hair bleacher. When a mixture of honey (in higher concentration) and water is added to parts of the hair, it lightens the hair quite quickly.
  • Chamomile oil also has similar effects. It contains a natural hair lightener. When sprayed onto the hair as it is, or in the form of chamomile tea, it gives lighter hair.
  • Olive oil is a great conditioner along with being a great highlighter. The only problem is that, being extremely oily, it is difficult to remove from hair in a single wash. But if washed thoroughly, you will find no residues.
  • Lemon juice is the common favourite among rinsing your child’s hair with it. When out in the sun, it also protects the hair along with colouring it.

Hair Colouring Tips 

Fake Streaks

You can get coloured streaks in the market that you can clip onto your hair. They are available in funky to sober colours such as purple, green, blue, blonde, black etc. This is the best way to highlight a child’s hair as it does away with the chemical usage on the hair. Since there are different varieties available, a kid can go in for braided streaks also!

Hair Sprays

This is one of those fancy items that every child would love to own, and why not! This way you can have a new colour every day. Hair sprays have the widest range of colours (even neon!) and you can spray different colours on the entire hair to look more jazzed up. Hair sprays can be washed off easily too and don’t hurt the hair too much. Warning: They contain glitter sometimes! Hence your kid might just fall in love with them.


Henna is a herb that is found in most stores. Most women apply this on their hair to cover up the grays. But you can also apply it for a more fashionable look. Though henna is naturally orange, it looks different on different hair colours. On black hair, it appears burgundy, reddish to golden brown on white hair and light orange on brown hair. If you want a blackish tinge, then you can add a bluish plant dye to it. Mixing coffee with henna gives your hair a brown colour and rosemary with henna gives a golden look to the hair. Colouring with henna is done by mixing henna powder with water into a thick paste. Henna not only colours the hair (apply and wash off) but also deeply conditions the hair. It is excellent for kids as henna is made for sensitive hair and does not ruin the roots.

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