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Goal Setting Tips

“No man lives without jostling and being jostled; in all ways he has to elbow himself through the world, giving and receiving offence”. - Thomas Carlyle. Life is like a single coin in your hand, you can spend it the way you want to. However, the irony is that you can spend it only once. A positive outlook, wisdom and a diligent approach are what will get you a profitable business out of this coin. You need to have a vision for your life in order to move forward and be victorious. Setting goals is a powerful process in building an ideal future for yourself. The process of setting up goals and writing them down serves as a motivational factor that will give you strength to turn your dreams into reality and carve a life you always thought of. It will give you an exact picture of what you want to achieve and will help you focus and concentrate. Setting goals will also help you spot the distractions that would have otherwise lured you away from your path. It is, therefore, important for you to be honest and precise when you sit down to pen down your goals. The section that follows will give you tips on how you should be setting goals for yourself. Read on to learn more. 

Goal Setting Advice
  • It is prudent to keep a journal to pen down your goals. Make a daily or a weekly record of the journey towards your goal, and also the progress you make including the affirmations, successes, obstacles, rewards and appreciations you received. You should use your goal journal to write down your goals in the initial stages and then rewrite it with the successes you met, and new set of goals you have set for yourself. Having a journal will provide you space to review your journey towards your goals.
  • In order to succeed in your endeavour you will have to have a positive mind set. Get yourself into an inspired, positive and relaxed state of mind before you actually start writing down your goals and working towards them. You can get positive in your approach by trying meditation, inspiring music, reading something funny, watching an amusing movie, brisk exercise etc.
  • The key to achieving your goals in life is to stay focused and inspired all times. Do not set too many goals for yourself at a time. Be realistic in your approach, since it is not practically possible to focus on too many goals at a time.
  • Be precise while setting goals for a particular time period. Setting up precise deadlines and achieving success will give you immense satisfaction. Make sure to also prioritize your goals. Giving each of your goals priority will rescue you from feeling overburdened with too many goals to take care of, and will also allow you to focus on the most important goals first.
  • Set small and operational goals which are attainable to provide yourself a self-assured kick start. A goal that is too long will give you the feeling of being stagnant since the slow progress you make will not be visible.
  • Set performance goals and not outcome goals for yourself. You should set up goals over which you have full control, since nothing can be more daunting than not achieving a particular goal because of reasons beyond your control. You should always set your goals based on your abilities. In this way you will have full control over the actions and the outcome.
  • Make a list of all your qualities which will guide you through your journey in attaining the set goals. Making a list of all your qualities will not only boost your self confidence, but will also make you realize the possibilities that are available in achieving your goals. It is, therefore, very important to know and understand your best qualities to be ahead of the curve and to be able to push yourself forward.
  • It calls for endless efforts and diligence in order to reach the result you want to achieve; therefore, you should be assiduous and make continuous efforts towards achieving your goals. There is surely no shortcut towards success, and being hard-working is what will get you closer to your dreams.
  • Challenge your fears and have an unreserved belief in your abilities. You should understand that if some fear is stopping you from acting now, it will turn to be a hindrance later as well. Therefore, there is no point in avoiding or ignoring your fears because they might come back with greater hurdles later on. Believe in yourself and move forward fighting all your fears. Being slow and persistent is what will help you triumph over your fears and take you closer towards your dreams.

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