So you’ve been invited to a garden party? Time to slip into trendy and classic garden attire! Navigate through this article to find out how to dress for a garden party.

Garden Party Attire

It is unlikely that a garden party will take place in the winter season. After all, no one would like to adorn trendy woolen clothes only to freeze amongst the snowy surroundings. So, with the arrival of summers, you are bound to be invited to at least one or two garden parties. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy the weather and beauty of nature in an outdoor setting. To top it all, outdoor parties have increasingly becoming popular, all thanks to the unique and distinctive venues, allowing the party-goers enough space to hang around and have fun. However, garden parties are just not restricted to tea parties only. You can very well throw a garden party for wedding receptions, engagement parties, baby showers, and so on. Coming to the garden party, upon receiving the invite, it is natural for people to get confused as to what to wear for the party. Thus, if you have a garden party on your cards in the next week and have no clue about the dress, do not worry. Simply navigate through the lines below and find out different dress ideas for garden parties. 
How To Dress For A Garden Party
Garden Party Attire For Men
If you have a reception or wedding to attend, it is best to put on proper formal attire, along with a coat and tie. Since it would be a sunny day, make sure that the fabric you choose should be comfortable to wear. How about wearing a shirt and trouser, and sporting a jacket made of linen over it? Quite classy and formal, right! Similarly, if you have a semi-formal garden party invitation, you can keep the coat aside and flaunt a shirt, slacks, and tie. Or you can even try out a pair of khaki trousers, a sheer white shirt, and a bright tie.
Choosing the right colors for a garden party is an important factor. Though light shades work the best, you can opt for pastel shades as well, such as light pink or light pistachio green. For a friendly or casual garden party, team up a pair of knee length floral shorts with plain button down shirt, or a floral shirt with a pair of plain shorts. Or if you have nothing to pick, slip into a pair of blue jeans and sport a white shirt for that classic garden party look. While for your feet, you can opt for either dark driving shoes or loafers. Sporting a pair of flip flops or open sandals is also alright, after all, it’s a garden party.
Garden Party Attire For Women
Women have several options to choose from when it comes to being a part of a garden party. Whatever be the dress, its material should be the foremost factor to be considered. For best effect, go for light colored dress made of light weight material, preferably cotton or linen. If it’s a semi-formal garden party thrown in by your boss or colleague, a bright cocktail dress would do justice. As for a friend’s party, a pretty summer dress varying from tee length to ankle length to full length in bright or pastel shades can be chosen. Go for floral prints, designs, or patterns. Further, you can team your dress with a floral scarf to complete the look.
For a total casual garden party, you can pair well fitting jeans with a spaghetti strap top, or a light colored, lightweight skirt with a dressy top or buttoned down blouse. Remember to choose bright or light colors to match the theme of the party. Complement your dress with the right accessories. Sport a light jacket, cardigan, or blazer matching your dress color. Keep the jewelry simple and minimal, such as a small chain with a pendant, earrings, or bracelet. Coming to footwear, wear flip flops, flat peep-toes, or sandals. Avoid high heels as you wouldn’t want to smear your trendy footwear with soil right!

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