Giving goody bags is an inherent birthday tradition that has been followed since ages. Read below to know more on birthday goody bag ideas.

Birthday Goody Bag Ideas

Birthdays are annual rituals that are eagerly awaited by kids. It doesn’t matter if it is their own birthday or their friend’s. For, a birthday is always celebrated with a party, and such parties are what the kids look forward to. Apart from the fun and gaiety of the party, what the kids most desperately crave for and eventually receive are certain treats. Such return gifts that the parents of the birthday child give away are known as goody bags. The tradition of giving out goody bags is as old as celebrating birthdays. Handing out goody bags most probably arose due to the wish of the parents to reward the kids for attending the party and also come back for the next year. Whatever may be the case, giving goody bags have entered the parental warfare with parents vying with each other, to give out the most attractive goody bag. In recent times, the content of the goody bags has changed from the simple chocolate and cookies to more expensive stuff. But if you use a little bit of imagination, you can give out attractive goody bags, without much expense. Read further to know more.
Goody Bag Ideas For Birthdays
  • Instead of giving a bag full of calorie-loaded candies, it would be a good idea to give a box of animal crackers instead, along with perhaps a nice toy and a candy.
  • A variety of baked items or homemade cookies packed in little baskets and wrapped with colorful plastic and ribbons are also an excellent goody bag idea.
  • Along with candies and cookies, you can also give crayons and watercolors in the goody bag. Kids love painting and they will surely enjoy the colors. Don’t forget to put in a paint book or a coloring book in the goody bag.
  • A personalized CD or DVDs for each of the guests can be placed in the goody bag. You can give the CDs or DVDs, ranging anything from animation movies to the favorite song of the kids.
  • Books that are relevant to the theme of the party can be handed out to all the kids at the end. The Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia series are excellent choices. You can even take your pick from fairytales and large picture books, if the age group belongs to 2 to 4 years old.
  • Attractively packed balls, yo-yos and frisbees can also be given as goody bag items. The kids will prefer such items more than the traditional goody bag contents.
  • Plastic sand buckets, along with shovels, can be decorated with colored papers and ribbons. The buckets can then be filled with candies, gums and cookies. The kids can enjoy the delicacies and use the shovel and the bucket in their beach vacation.
  • Giving kites is another attractive goody bag idea. You can simply buy the kites that are designed in the favorite kids’ character. For the guys, the kites can be designed in the shape of superhero characters like batman, superman, ironman and the like, while for the girls, you can give the kites designed with hello kitty, Barbie and female superhero characters.
  • If you wish to give the kids something that can be a good moral lesson in disguise, then piggy banks are the best that you can go for. This way, you will help the child learn the art of saving money early. The parents of the children are sure to appreciate you for your farsightedness. Buy a colorful piggy bank for each of the kids and put in a few coins. Then wrap them up with colorful ribbons, and gift.

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