Pregnant women eat to provide nutrition for two individuals. Here is a list of healthy foods to eat while pregnant. Read on to learn more about them.

Foods To Eat While Pregnant

During pregnancy a woman has to provide nutrition not only for herself, but for her baby as well. The growing baby in the mother’s womb gets all the nutrition via the umbilical cord of the mother. Eating the right foods during pregnancy is very important because the health of your baby will depend upon the food you eat. If the expectant mother lacks any vitamins or any other essential nutrition, the baby will lack it too, and chances are high that the baby will born with some physical defects. As a result, it is important to carefully plan your diet which should be rich in proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and all other essential nutrients. Not only will what you eat help make your baby healthy, but your eating habits during your pregnancy can affect your baby’s chances of developing certain diseases and/or allergies in future. If you are interested in knowing about the different foods to eat during pregnancy, then examine the following section to learn more.

 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

  • Green and leafy vegetables are an absolute must for a pregnant woman. Fresh and leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins A, C, K, folic acid, B12 as well as magnesium. Plus, these vegetables are also high in iron content. Women who are planning to conceive, can also include folic acid in their diets to give birth to a hale and hearty baby.
  • Protein is another vital nutrient that should be included in the diet of a pregnant woman. One cup of cooked chicken breast provides almost 87% of the daily protein requirement. Plus, it is also a rich source of selenium, niacin, and vitamin B6.
  • Dieticians frequently recommend beans and legumes like red and black beans and pinto beans for expecting mothers. Beans and legumes are loaded with folates, proteins, fibers, and tryptophans. Additionally, these foods also contain trace amounts of molybdenum which helps to detoxify sulfites which are present in processed foods.
  • Whole grain food items like bread with high fiber content is good for the health of a pregnant woman and her baby. Whole grains are packed with folates that are good for the health of the unborn baby.
  • Expecting mothers should binge more on cereals that are low in fat, but high in proteins and fiber. Cereals help provide nutrition to the growing fetus and prevent neural tube defects in the baby.
  • Switch to sweet potatoes instead of ordinary potatoes. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and C, plus they are also good sources of dietary fibers.
  • An apple a day is a must for a pregnant woman. Just grab an apple whenever you feel hungry and munch on it. Apples are not only rich in vitamin C, but are rich in fiber content as well. Plus, research studies have shown that when expectant mothers ate four or more apples each week, it reduced the incidence of asthma in children.
  • Say no to pizzas and burgers; instead, munch on nuts to overcome midday snack attacks. Almonds are particularly good for moms-to-be because they are laden with vitamin E, manganese, and are quick sources of proteins. Cashew nuts are also recommended.
  • Calcium is a must for the would-be-mom and her growing baby. If you are on some antibiotics, adding low fat organic yoghurt to your diet will be a good idea as yogurt is a good source of protein.  
There are many more healthy foods that are beneficial for expecting moms, but these are some of the most important foods to eat while pregnant.

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