Fancy dress parties are all about dressing up and trying to look pretty in somewhat bizarre costumes. Read your way through this article for a few fancy dress party themes.

Fancy Dress Party Themes

Fancy dress parties are fancy alright, but sometimes it is possible for a person desiring to throw a fancy party to choke when it comes to themes on fancy dress parties. However, arriving at a fun and innovative idea for a fancy dress party is not as difficult as people falsely believe it to be. It only really depends on where you look for inspiration and maybe even how inspired you are about your fancy dress party. Look around you and speak to people and right there you will find inspiration that can help you come up with unique themes for your fancy dress party. In any case, here’s presenting insight on few of the most popular ideas on fancy dress parties. The following paragraphs are guaranteed to give you a closer look at themes for fancy dress parties and how much fun each theme can possibly hold within the creative confines of itself.

Fancy Dress Party Theme Ideas

Superheroes are fun, strong and have it in them to save the world, of course they don’t really do exist. However, you can bring your favorite superheroes to life by throwing a superhero party in which the guests will have to dress up like their superheroes. The men can dress up as ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’, ‘Spiderman’, the ‘Phantom’, the ‘Hulk’, etc. The women, however, are not really spoilt for choice. They only have to choose between ‘Catwoman’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ or maybe even lesser heard of super ‘heroines’.

For a fancy dress party theme, hardly any idea can come close enough to being as fun as a cartoon fancy dress party. Picture this – A room full of people dressed up like your favorite cartoons. Wouldn’t that make for a pretty sight? It sure will. From kids to even adults, a fancy dress party that is about dressing up like a cartoon can always guarantee tons and tons of fun. Some of the more popular cartoons on the ‘fancy dress party circuit’ include ‘Popeye’, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Olive’, ‘Pluto’, ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Goofy’, etc.

Go Hawaiian
This does not mean you go to Hawaii for a fancy dress competition. It only means you bring Hawaii to you, right to the confines of the fancy dress party held within the comforts of your own home. Women can wear straw skirts and floral tops. They can also complement the outfit with shells and garlands worn around their necks. The men can wear loose Hawaiian shirts paired with baggy shorts. A fancy dress party that builds on Hawaiian themes will add a fun and ‘beachy’ touch to the whole event.

Har! Har! I’m a pirate and I’m going to need my booty! Yes, pirate fancy dress parties are that much fun. Men can dress just like the legendary Johnny Depp did while playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow and women can dress on similar lines but wear a skirt instead of a pant. However, pirate fancy dress parties need not be limited only to men and women, they can also extend to the fancy dress parties that involve mostly only kids.

Fairy Tales
Every kid worth his or her salt loves fairy tales and every kid who has grown up into an adult loved fairy tales as a kid or still continues to love them. Why are fairy tales so popular? Well, because they simply are a part and parcel of every kid’s childhood years. To live and relive moments of fairy tale magic, you can throw a fairy tale party. You can ask your guests to dress up like their favorite characters. Their choices can range from conventional ones such as ‘Snow White’ and ‘Cinderella’ to less conventional ones such as the ‘Beast’ in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and maybe even ‘The Ugly Duckling’!

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