Every kid loves to imitate someone he or she idolizes and fancies. And what better place to do so than in a fancy dress party! Read below to get ideas for a fancy dress party.

Fancy Dress Ideas

Chocolates, cookies, ice creams, scarred knees and elbows, bandages, birthday parties and fancy dress competitions are all a part of a kid’s growing up years. Fancy dress parties especially so, as fantasy is an integral part of a kid’s life. And what better way to indulge in this fantasy than in a fancy dress competition. Fancy dress competitions have always attracted kids, because not only do they get a chance to dress up in their favorite characters and act like them, but also enjoy other treats like the prizes and delectable goodies. Most of us would still have a faded photograph of ours where we have been clicked in weird costumes, at which we always look with nostalgia. And most probably, every parent has a memory or two tucked away of such competitions when they as kids lived their dream role. As such, parents are ready to do anything to oblige their kids in such competitions and in the process also have a good time. Now when it comes to fancy dress, the name itself suggests that it all depends upon dressing up in a way that strikes a chord with one’s fancy. The choices are varied and too many. However, the best has always been to go along with the famous characters. Given below are a few fancy dress costume ideas that you can go for.
Fancy Dress Costume Ideas
Celebrity Style
In this category, kids will have a wide range of choices in their fancy dress ideas. Every celebrity has a distinctive way in which he/she dresses and is identified with. Thus, when someone enters a party dressed in a three piece suit, a hat, chomping on a cigar with a grumpy expression, everybody will know that Winston Churchill has just arrived. Marlin Monroe is another favorite as is the Little Black Dress of Audrey Hepburn!
Movie Characters
The list here is endless. Pirates are hottest fancy dress theme, since the release of the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean series. Girls can always have their pick from the fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and so on. If someone wants to be a little adventurous, then Lara Croft and The Bride from Kill Bill would do fine. Then there is Spiderman, Superman, Batman and the list goes on. Austin Powers is another hot favorite. The best is to go for those movie characters that are the talk of the town then.
Cartoon Characters
Dressing up in any of the Walt Disney cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto or even Tom are excellent for fancy dress parties. Apart from these, others like Tintin and his group, the Flintstones, Shrek and his ilk also vie for attention. Why leave Popeye behind if you can manage fake muscles and that horrendous expression? Dressing up in a cartoon character is perhaps the easiest, as the costumes can be readily available.
Culture And Nations
Fancy dress parties can also be used to celebrate the vibrant diversity of a place. Native Americans, Africans, the Orientals, the Pharaohs, Asian, the list is a never-ending one. You can dress up as the native of a certain place. The American Wild West has always been a favorite in fancy dress parties. If countries like India and Africa are selected, then one would be spoilt for choice. Remember, the best costumes will always depend on the research, so that you incorporate the minutest detail to your costume.
Mythological Characters
Indian, Chinese, Greeks have rich repertoire of mythological characters with their distinct style of dresses. Dressing up in mythological characters is also a touch above the rest. Even various pagan religions and tribes have a variety of mythological characters that you can explore. Make sure that you know and understand everything about the character and your knowledge of it is not limited only to the dress. A major part of your success will also depend on whether you are able to act and talk like them!

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