Do you have a pair of beautiful green eyes and are wondering which colour eyeshadow to use? If yes, steer through this article for some tips on the same.

Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important features of the face, and so should be decked up well with suitable makeup. Just like any other makeup, decking up the eyes with makeup is also a skill and requires enough practice and knowledge to develop proficiency in applying it. The eye makeup you wear can either make you look beautiful or can even make you appear awful and odd if not applied well. There are many key points that you need to know before applying eyeshadow, one of it being the knowledge of different eyeshadow colours that gel well with the colour of your eyes. There are different eyeshadow shades for instance that one can opt for if one has green eyes. Mentioned below are few eyeshadow ideas for green eyes that will tell you which colour and shade will best suit your green eyes. Read on to learn more on this.

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Eyeshadow Ideas For Green Eyes

Purple Shades
Purple looks great on dark green eyes, and is one of the colours that makes good evening wear. You can try darker and metallic shades of purple like violet if you are going out for a night party.

Magic Of Brown
Brown is a frequently and commonly used eyeshadow colour which goes well with green eyes as much as it suits people with blue eyes. Any shades close to chocolate brown will look great on your green eyes. You can also add a dash of gold colour to your brown eyeshadows and add glitter to your evening.

Black Or White Eyeshadow
The magic of black or white can work well on any given colour and it will prove to be a beautiful combination for green eyes. You can either go for complete black or complete white eyeshadows or can opt from the varying shades of these colours like the light grey.

Green Eyeshadow
You might have heard about the rule of not using the eye colours similar to the colour of your eyes. But with green eyes this rule stands null and void. You can very well use green eyeshadows on green eyes. Green eyeshadow over green eyes will complement each other well, but you need to opt for shades lighter than the colour of your eyes. Nevertheless, make sure not to go too light or too dark in your choice of shade.

Colours To Avoid
Almost all the colours gel well with green eyes, but there are certain combinations that are best avoided. Blue is one colour that should not be thought of if you have green eyes. Avoid using light blue, dark blue or even dark purple and shades of pink with blue undertones. Pink is yet another colour that should be avoided if you have green eyes. Using pink will make some look gorgeous, while some will look dreadful with it. It is also important to remember that shades of silver should be kept out of option if you have green eyes.

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