Making a useful duct tape craft that leaves an impact on everyone is an art that needs a little practice. Explore this article to find easy duct tape craft ideas.

Duct Tape Crafts

Making duct tape craft is an easy way to show your creativity and use your imagination, while coming up with useful and beautiful items. While the tape was initially used to seal air conditioning and heating ducts, a different sort of imagination was spelled out by the person who conceived the idea of making beautiful handicrafts from the same. Duct tape was used for the first time during World War II, to seal artillery boxes, canisters and ammunition boxes. Today, it has gained popularity in a new arena, where it is used to make different handicrafts like pen holder, book cover, prom dress, tortoise, mobile cover etc. Read on to find some remarkable and easy crafts made out of duct tape.
Easy Duct Tape Craft Ideas
Book Cover
Things Required
  • Brown Paper
  • Scissor
  • Book
  • Duct Tape (in single or multiple color) 
  • Lay the brown paper on the table and then lay a book over it.
  • Now, cut the slits of the brown paper from one edge, to the spine of the book.
  • Wrap the book with brown paper by folding it from the bottom, top and sides.
  • Carefully remove the paper cover from the book, turn it upside down and then lay it flat.
  • Cover the front of the cover with duct tapes in different colors and style as you want.
  • Place the cover back on the book and then keep it in place by using clear packaging tape. 
Cell Phone Case
Things Required
  • Cell Phone
  • Duct Tape, in 2 colors of your choice
  • Scissor
  • Thick Paper 
  • Take the cell phone, for which you want to make cover and circle the duct tape around it, with the sticky side out. Leave the areas on the top and bottom.
  • Now, cover the bottom of the cell phone with a strip of duct tape with the sticky side out.
  • Cover the sticky areas with the duct tape strips with the sticky side in.
  • Prepare the flap of the cell phone case by taking a 10-inch strip of tape and folding it in half. Trim about 1 cm of it from the side.
  • Now, take an inch of Velcro tape and put it as a flap on the cover of case.
  • Take another piece of Velcro, which is of the same size as the first and stick them together.
  • Apply the duct tape over it and tape it down. Your duct tape cell phone case is ready. 
  • Make sure that the duct tape does not stick to the skin, as it will prove quite painful to remove it.
  • Ensure not to stick the tape on things from the sticky side, as it will spoil it. For this, you need to be sure that the unnecessary things are cleared away from the place of action.
  • Before carrying out the craft directly on a book, gadget or equipment, practice it on an old thing. You can also try it on something new, but only after covering it with a plastic cover to prevent it from being damaged.

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