Sunburns are potentially very damaging for skin and can even have life threatening effects. Read the article to know the dangers of sunburn and its harmful effects on our skin.

Dangers Of Sunburn

Over exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun can be potentially very dangerous for our skin. Sunburns can lead to serious long-term skin damages. In fact, the cumulative effects of sunburn begin at a very early age i.e. right from childhood. Sunbathers generally overexpose their skin to sunrays, as the initial stages of sunburn don’t cause any pain or irritation. It is important to avoid sunburns, as they can even have life threatening and dire consequences. This article dwells upon the dangers of sunburn at length. Read on to know what harmful effects it can have on your skin.
Harmful Effects Of Sunburn 
  • Sunburns can cause melanoma, which is the worst form of skin cancer. It is the fastest spreading cancer and can prove to be fatal as well. Dark-colored freckling on the skin's surface can be identified as signs of melanoma. It is easily visible to the naked eye. Fair skinned people, who spend a large amount of time taking sunbath, are more susceptible to melanoma. It is advisable to get the signs examined by a doctor.
  • There is a condition called actinic keratoses, in addition to melanoma, in which sun-affected growths begin to appear on the face, hands and forehand of a person. Usually, such growths are non-cancerous in nature. However, a doctor must be consulted on the first sight of any such evidence.
  • Cataracts and other eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, can be caused by repeated sunburns.
  • It has been established by scientific studies that human immune system is compromised by sunburns. The efficacy of white blood cells is adversely affected by them and the sufferers are more prone to falling sick. People with naturally dark skin are at a greater risk.
  • Sunburns also accelerate premature aging of the skin, with wrinkles and age spots appearing much earlier than their time.
  • Pre-cancerous growths are also fostered by sunburns. This is one of the extremely harmful effects of sunburn.
  • Sunburns can cause skin blistering, chills and fevers, temporary pains and redness of the skin.
  • Photosensitive reactions may also occur due to overexposure to the harmful radiation of the sun. 
  • To protect yourself from the sweltering sun heat, apply generous amounts of good-quality sunscreen and lotions with 15 SPF or higher, on your exposed body parts.
  • Sun radiations are the most dangerous between 10 am and 4 pm in the day. Take care to use complete protection between these hours, if you are going out in the open.
  • Apply the sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun. At the same time, remember to re-apply it every 2-3 hours, if you are going to spend a long time outdoors.
  • A range of homemade and over the counter remedies exist, which can provide temporary relief from sunrays. However, one should consult a doctor to treat more severe sunburns.
  • Stay indoors whenever possible, to save yourself from the scorching sun. Try to avoid direct contact with sunlight as much as possible.
  • Don’t relax on a cloudy day. The sun rays scatter even through the clouds. So, take complete protection.

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