Though both are addictive and dangerous, cocaine and heroin do differ in their respective aspects. Browse through this article to know all about cocaine vs. heroin.

Cocaine Vs Heroin

Drug addiction has been the talk of the town for decades now. With the ever-increasing number of the younger generation getting attracted to deadly and toxic drugs, it seems like the world would soon be engulfed by these monsters. And with every corner of the street offering these drugs at cheap prices, it is a matter of concern for every parent to protect his/her child from this noxious addiction. But the argument on which substance is more addictive and poisonous is an unanswered mystery? Is it cocaine or heroin? In the race of declaring one of them a more dangerous substance than the other, it is essential to know that both are drugs and highly dangerous. While both are considered to be the most addictive drugs in the world, cocaine is more toxic substance than heroin. Find out more about the difference between cocaine and heroin in the lines that follow. Take a look!
Difference Between Cocaine And Heroin
  • Cocaine is a white powder derived from the leaves of Coca bush, or Erythroxylon coca, which grows in South American countries of Peru and Bolivia. The leaves are placed on a smooth surface, such as glass, and cut with a razor blade forming thin lines or trails that are sniffed up the nose through a makeshift straw. On the other hand, heroin, also known as Diacetylmorphine or Diamorphine, is one of the pain killing drugs belonging to the opiates, such as morphine, codeine, and thebaine, which are derived from the opium poppy plant.
  • Cocaine reflects a crystal-like appearance and glimmers when exposed to light. On the other hand, heroin is chunkier, in the form of powdered milk.
  • Comparing the tastes, heroin tastes bitterer than cocaine and does not numb the tongue.
  • Repeated snorting of cocaine leads to the damage of membranes of the nose and can even puncture the nasal septum (the line dividing the two sides of the nose). In just less than 60 minutes, cocaine begins its effect. High doses can make the users feel restless with signs of nausea, excitability, extreme agitation, anxiety, paranoia, and hallucination. However, cocaine addiction can lead to heart failure, convulsions, and even death.
  • Unlike cocaine that kills the user through cardiotoxicity, heroin affects the respiratory system of the addict. As such, a heroin addict may complain of intense suffocation. Due to its extremely low price, heroin is largely becoming an experimental drug for most people. Overdosage of heroin can cause death and other multiple medical problems.
  • For years, coca leaves had been chewed by regional workers for a boost of energy and hence, has side effects similar to other stimulant drugs. As such, the physical effects of cocaine are akin to stimulants. Conversely, heroin, though being a powerful painkiller, can depress the central nervous system activity. Thus, heroin is a depressant while cocaine is a stimulant.
  • Cocaine is considered to be an upper, that is, you feel buzzy, overly happy and on top of the world. However, heroin is a downer that makes you feel relaxed. Also, you move slower than normal after taking in heroin.
Now that you know who has won the battle in cocaine vs. heroin, it is best to keep distance from both these dangerous and life-threatening drugs.

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