Are you sick of your ugly chin fat and want to get rid of it? If yes, then here are some easy chin fat exercises to your aid. Explore this piece to learn more.

Chin Fat Exercises

A double chin or a chin with a stub of flesh definitely spoils and mars the beauty of any face. Many people tend to develop chin fat as they grow old. This extra stub of fat is indeed an eyesore and can make you look ten times older than you actually are. Layers of fat tend to deposit on the chin due to the aging process, due to loose facial muscles, improper eating habits, as well as hormonal imbalance. However, you can get rid of those extra fat layers by incorporating a healthy diet plan and regular exercise in your daily routine. To lose your double chin, you must do aerobic exercise, facial exercises and watch what you eat. While aerobic exercises will help get rid of the fat, facial exercises will help tone up your chin and facial muscles. A balanced diet will not only keep you healthy, but will also help you to stay away from extra calories that may build up in your body as layers of fat. There are many specific chin fat exercises to help you strengthen the slack muscles and tone up your chin so that you can have a beautiful looking face. To learn more, read on.

Exercises For Chin Fat
  • Aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, biking, and skating, are great ways of reducing not only chin fat, but your overall body fat as well. Any form of aerobic exercise helps to burn out fat. Regular exercise helps you to boost your metabolism and shed those few extra pounds that you have stored in different parts of your body including your chin. Plus, a faster metabolism helps to break down food faster, thus providing you with more energy and storing less fat. A daily workout of at least 20 minutes will not only reduce that stub of flesh around your chin, but will help you to be in great shape.
  • Lie straight on your back so that your hands and legs are straight. Look up straight at the ceiling. Now, slowly bring your head down, and press your chin to your chest. Count until five, and then relax. Calm down for five seconds, and repeat. Do this around 30 times every day.
  • Place your palms on your forehead, fingers widely spread Now, try to push your head forward, while trying to resist the forward motion with the help of your neck and chin. Hold the posture and count up to five. Do this 10-15 times daily.
  • Sit on the floor with your back straight. Now, lift your head and look at the ceiling. Pretend to chew something in an exaggerated fashion. Continue chewing for 10-15 seconds and relax. Repeat again.
  • Lie straight on your back. Keep your legs straight and let your hands relax near your thighs. Now, slowly lift the lower portion of your head up so that your chin is elevated. Hold the position for 2 seconds and then slowly release. Repeat this 10-15 times.
  • Sit straight and try to stretch your tongue out. This exercise helps tone the different facial muscles and prevents them from sagging with age. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times daily.
  • Check your calorie intake. If you want to reduce fat in your chin, cut the extra calories you have been taking.
  • Let your head gently tilt backwards. Open your mouth and move your bottom lip over your top lip in such a way that the chin muscles are stretched. Repeat this exercise 10 times each day for good results.

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